Charles Manson has died


The crazy cult leader and murderer has finally met his end.

There was one girl I knew from high school that practically worshiped the guy…creeped me out.


And nothing of value was lost.


Yes he deserves to die and I hope he burns in hell!


Ok now i always hear this mentioned but never get an answer…

How does executing a person, cost more than feeding/housing/guarding them for life in jail?



Nah, not really.





Ok…I guess we’re supposed to care? :coffee:



Rest in pieces.


i hope he is burning in hell


Maybe that’ll cast a new light on that Tarantino movie coming up.


You sure it wasn’t a boy who is now a man who seems to know someone from each county/state/country/industry who also happen to have an SRK account? :bee:


Legal and Court fees


I won’t speak ill of the dead. So please take my lack of negative comments to the most extreme your imagination seems fit for Mr. Manson.

Also fuck anyone that mourns him outside of immediate family. I have no idea if he has any but I respect close family and their right to mourn, random groupies and idiot fans attracted to the fame from his crimes can burn in hell.


I will. Fuck Charles Manson.


Here is a pro
At least now he is dead, Charles can’t do shit now and we can close this chapter of US History.


why the shit would you worship that? that’s disgusting

hope she got hit by a bus and died


#RIPCharlesManson Always going against society and the hypocrisy that is Hollywood. I wish I had seen you live before you passed away. I always loved your music. Fuck the haters!

Also why did I get banned for making fun of Chester Bennington while here everyone’s talking trash about another inspiring musician and artist?


@ArtVandelay wasn’t funny on Twitter and it’s still not funny. If you’re going to steal jokes, at least steal ones that are actually funny.


RIP gentle soul :cry: