Charleston Bi-Weekly Results


  1. Birdie Yang
  2. Paul Shaw “Bigpaulll”
  3. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  4. David Dumas “Dead Reckoning”
  5. Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  6. Daniel McManus
  7. Matt Keene “Roll Attack”
  8. Joe Krajick
  9. Wayne Gamble “WayGamble”
  10. Justin Denning “SonGohanX”
  11. Derrick Seabrook “FreakShow”
  12. Mike Hodges
  13. Kyle Clark
  14. Jerome Venable “romevjr”
  15. David Hodges
  16. Corey Hodges


  1. Paul Shaw “Bigpaulll”
  2. Matt Keene "Roll Attack
  3. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  4. Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  5. Wayne Gamble “WayGamble”
  6. Jerome Venable “romevjr”
  7. Justin Denning “SonGohanX”
  8. Daniel McManus : Ken
  9. Joe Krajick
  10. Kyle Clark
  11. Ron Cherry “King Kaza”
  12. David Hodges
  13. Corey Hodges
  14. Mike Hodges


  1. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  2. David Dumas “Dead Reckoning”
  3. Justin Denning “SonGohanX”
  4. Jerome Venable “romevjr”
  5. Daniel McManus
  6. Derrick Seabrook “FreakShow”
  7. Mike Hodges
  8. David Hodges
  9. Jeff Arnold “OniKen”
  10. Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  11. Corey Hodges
  12. Kyle Clark


  1. Wayne Gamble “WayGamble”
  2. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  3. Ron Cherry “King Kaza”
  4. Paul Shaw “Bigpaulll”
  5. Justin Denning “SonGohanX”
  6. Jerome Venable “romevjr”
  7. Daniel McManus
  8. Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  9. Corey Hodges
  10. David Hodges
  11. Joe Krajick
  12. Kyle Clark
  13. Mike Hodges


  1. Justin Denning “SonGohanX”
  2. Mike Hodges
  3. Joe Krajick
  4. Paul Shaw “Bigpaulll”
  5. Wayne Gamble “WayGamble”
  6. Ron Cherry “King Kaza”
  7. David Hodges
  8. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  9. Jerome Venable “romevjr”
  10. Corey Hodges
  11. Derrick Seabrook “FreakShow”
  12. David Dumas “Dead Reckoning”
  13. Jacob Caine
  14. Daniel McManus
  15. Kyle Clark
  16. Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”

Good games everyone. I had fun. Playing you guys makes me want to learn games I usually wouldn’t play like mvc2, cvs2, 3s, and maybe ddr. Next time I’ll try and make it there earlier so I can play more people and do some other things.

What the crap are you feeding Ron to make him so uber at SC2? Double perfects!? ACK!!

Good games in T4 Wayne. I need to practice my BearBot… he’s not as good as the actual Kuma :frowning:

Chi’s CvS2 random K-Groove teams are too strong. JDing entire supers :eek: Lucky for me his Hugo is teh |<3|| n i 1z t3h RyU

Dave’s Millia is standing Slash reincarnated.

Those three brothers were pretty cool. I think they were there for MvC2.

Jerome beasting in T4!

Matt’s Elena is 2 Strong. His Akuma > Paul’s Akuma. Too bad his Q < Paul’s Ryu.

Next toureny is going to be MvC2, TTT, VF4:Evo, ST, and a random 5th game. So far we’re looking at it being Project Justice. Anybody?


t3h h0m0sexx0rz, I THINK WE SHOULD ALSO PLAY SOME T4, K THX BI. :cool:

Games were changed since only 8 people showed and we had one TV. We essentially voted on the different games we’d play, then played them. This was actually one of the funnest tournaments I’ve run since everybody actually sat and watched the games.


  1. Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive” - MSP, Sent/Storm/Cyke, MS^2
  2. Chris Trahan “STR8EDGE” - Strider/Doom/Sent, MS^2, Sent/Cable/IM, Mag/Sent/Cable, Storm/Sent/Cable, Juggy/Sent/Cable
  3. Nasir Riley “Naslectronical” - Sent/IM/Mag, Sent/Mag/Cyke, Sent/Cable/Cyke, Team Scrub
  4. Josh McWhorter “Icege” - Santhrax, Mag/Cable/Doom, Storm/Sent/Cyke
  5. Birdie Yang “DontFlyAgain” - Mag/Cable/Doom, Mag/Cable/Sent, Mag/Cable/IM
  6. David Dumas “Dead Reckoning” - Sent/Cable/Guile, Cable/Sent/Doom, Team Scrub, Sent/Cable/Jin
  7. Thomas Towry “thahurricane” - Team Scrub, Spider-man/Cable/Cyke, CapCom/Spider/IM, Spider/Cyke/IM
  8. Joseph Yang “JosephYang” - Cyke/Cable/Doom, Cable/Spider/Hayato, Spider/Cable/Wolverine

Chi finally wins MvC2! Nasir returns to MvC2! I can’t beat Sentinel! Wee! I don’t have the brackets with me so I can’t say which game it was, but the finals between Chi and Chris were pretty good. I think it went into the second set, but I remember Chi having Cyclops left vs. Chris’ Cable. Timer was down to 2, Chris lands from a grenade, and Chi let’s loose a MOB, mashing to chip him just enough for the win when time runs out.


  1. Josh McWhorter “Icege” - Combot (Steve/Julia/Law/Paul), Lee, Craig
  2. David Dumas “Dead Reckoning” - Lei, Yoshimitsu, Kuma, Steve, Heihachi
  3. Chris Trahan “STR8EDGE” - Bryan
  4. Thomas Towry “thahurricane” - Law, Christie
  5. Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive” - Jin
  6. Birdie Yang “DontFlyAgain” - Kuma, Steve, Julia, Law, Paul
  7. Joseph Yang “JosephYang” - Combot (Steve), Steve, Jin
  8. Nasir Riley “Naslectronical” - Combot (Jin/Yoshimitsu), Jin, Lei

Good games Dave in the winners’ and grand finals. Heihachi’s Hell Sweeps and ff+1+2 pwn me :(. Thomas scrubbed Chi out by mashing with Christie, and Chris got third with random ff+2 and d/f+3s for the win. Toooo… stroooong… :lol:


  1. Birdie Yang “DontFlyAgain” - Ken SAIII, Urien SAIII, Ryu SAI, Yang SAII, Alex SAII
  2. Chris Trahan “STR8EDGE” - Dudley SAIII, Urien SAIII, Akuma SAI, Sean SAI, Q SAI, Twelve SAII, Oro SAIII, Necro SAIII
  3. Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive” - Ken SAIII, Alex SAII, Urien SAIII, Q SAI
  4. Josh McWhorter “Icege” - Yun SAIII, Makoto SAII, Alex SAII
  5. Nasir Riley “Naslectronical” - Ken SAI, Ken SAIII, Chun-li SAII
  6. Thomas Towry “thahurricane” - Yang SAI, Remy SAII
  7. Joseph Yang “JosephYang” - Ryu SAI
  8. David Dumas “Dead Reckoning” - Ken SAIII

Dave left before he could play. He had shit to do. Though he woulda played Ken. I don’t know why he doesn’t play Oro SAIII like Chris does :confused:. Finals between Chris and Birdie were fun as Hell to watch. Chris might’ve won if he had listened to me and picked Ibuki :bluu:. I beat Remy! But yea… finals were awesome. Urien vs. Urien. Both gots no life, Chris gets knocked down, Birdie walks out and sticks out a, Chris parries on the wake up and powabombas for the win. Then gets ass pounded in the last game. Mmmm… too close.

I’m thinking for the tournament this Sunday that when we get to the Grand Finals’ for each game, we’ll just stop and finish up. Once the other 2 or 3 games are done, we’ll do the finals on one TV. We did 3 and got out right around 6:30pm with one TV, so that ain’t bad. As long as we have 2-3 TVs, we can do 4 games. CvS2, T4, 3S, and GGXX this week?

Btw, Thomas, once again, get some stoppers for your stick to cover the screws so we don’t carve I Heart You in the table with it when we play. Otherwise, you’ll have to use somebody else’s. :frowning:

holy crap

I beat everyone in MARVEL FINALLY.

Sent-y/Storm-y/Cyke-A IS TOO STRONG, fast fly combos, omg, creams

no one could handle s. fp, rp, hsf, s. fp + storm assist, rp, fly, fp, i am t3h cheesiet

Birdie annhilated me in 3s twice, sigh.

SpinningBirdKicks with Christie in the Underground against Jin is really hard to beat, me thinks, for now crouching 1, i win

Okay, for this weekend, dont play ggxx because you are the only person who plays that, you’d get the most players running
cvs2, 3s, mvc2, and t4 probably. You just want to have two games you can win at, cuz you’re gay and dont care about other people.

I’ll definitely be there this Sunday so replace GGXX with TTT and everything will be super duper. K THX BI