Charleston Bi-Weekly Tourney Results - GGXX, 3s, CvS2, MvC2


random results if im remembering correctly, josh will post the results and really long stories


i really suck at this game and didnt not a-groove anyone

1 - Paul - DEBO DA BEAST - C Ryo/Blanka-2/Sagat
2 - Birdie - N Hoahmaru or Zangief/Blanka-2/Honda or Sagat
3 - Thomas - T3H HURRICANE - C Blanka/Sagat/Rock-2
4 - ME - TEH SCRUB - A Blanka/Sakura/Bison-2


[i was defending champ but didnt really feel up to play, so i decided against, basically i was skurred]

1 - Paul - DEBO DA BEAST - Ken SA3, Hugo SA3
2 - Josh - Icege - YUN SA3 :eek:, Ken SA3
3 - Ron - Ken Sa3

notice a theme? KEN SUPER ARE GAY

game is lame, i suck at it anyways

1 - Josh - Icege - Sol, Faust, May
2 - Paul - DEBO DA BEAST - Axl [J]LO
3 - Navy Paul - Chipp

1 - ME - T3H SCRUB - MSS-a, MSP, Storm/Sent/Cable, Santhrax, Scrub, Cammy/Hayato/Tron
2 - Navy Paul - MSP, MSC, Storm/Cable/Capcom, MSS-y
3 - Josh - Icege - Storm/Sent/Commando, Mag/Cable/Doom

THE ONLY REASON I CAME. The most funnest games of all time, I had to beat josh in the winner’s 2-0 with Cammy/Hayato/Tron, and finish him off in loser’s with PAD Team Scrub, after I lost playing Cammy/Hayato/Tron against Navy Paul in the winner’s finals.

First set of the grand finals 3-3. Paul’s MSC against my Storm/Sent/Cable, close shit, Random hail storms. 4-3 me.

Second set 3-3. I have Sent/Storm/Commando, he picks Storm/Cable/Commando and random Sentinel super saves the day. 4-3 me again.

BEST FUCKING MARVEL, I have played in a long time. Thanks for the good matches Navy Paul. And the ride home.

Snorting candles and playing marvel was funny, damn those game sseriously hurt my brain and everything else. Good fucking shit. MUST PLAY MORE MARVEL.


kevin for come playing,
stevie for come playing for once,
jerome for not passing out
matt for coming and taking booty calls on my phone
navy paul for showing me the higher storm
birdie for picking e honda
me for not playing 3s
paul for the tourney area and sticking to your word and DEBODABEASTING EVERYONE


me for not playin 3s
me for missing my infinite
my stick for breaking
josh for hitting his stick hard
kris for sleeping in the tourney area
jerome for hating on bottom tier


this guy sucks at cvs2…but he’s too good at mvc2


when will you get 1st josh mcwh0re? don’t make me rape you on july 4th, you better gear up to take some pixels away! :stuck_out_tongue:


josh is perpetually sandbagging. :stuck_out_tongue:


he lost to a guy who only hit
j. hk, s. hk, c. mk with hugo and JUMP, super art 3


CvS2 - 12 people

  1. Paul “DEBO DA BEAST!!”
  2. Birdie “Flyboyx99”
  3. Thomas “thehurricane”
  4. Chi “ilikebeingalive”
  5. Josh “Icege”
  6. Stevie
  7. Jerome “romevjr”
  8. Dan
  9. Kevin
  10. Paul Sville
  11. Ron
  12. Shawn “Southtown King”


  1. Paul “DEBO DA BEAST!!”
  2. Josh “Icege”
  3. Ron
  4. Kevin
  5. Matt “Roll Attack”
  6. Kris
  7. Paul Sville
  8. Dan

GGXX - 5 people:

  1. Josh “Icege”
  2. Paul “DEBO DA BEAST!!”
  3. Paul “uber_pinoy”
  4. Jerome “romevjr”
  5. PJ “R.E.N.”

MvC2 - 5 people:

  1. Chi “ilikebeingalive”
  2. Paul “uber_pinoy”
  3. Josh “Icege”
  4. PJ “R.E.N.”
  5. Jerome “romejvr”

I almost beat Hugo with Yun… but if I get hit by one, I get hit by everything. I raped Hugo with Ken… but the final set of the winners finals he just turtled me to nothing. I couldn’t finish any of my GJ combos to save my life :confused:


…you tard. i’ll show you how to play against hugo when you see me :stuck_out_tongue: basically, you never jump unless you’re in his face :smiley:


i give myself slops for not beating paul. i shouldnt of tried the rushdown


Omg, I can’t stand this. I need to go to a tourney soon or I am going to stab someone.