Charleston Bi-Weekly Tourney Results - T4, CvS2, 3s, SC2

Yes, another amazing Charleston Biweekly.

1 - Birdie - “dontflyagain” - SA1 Hugo, SA21 Akuma
2 - Me - “ilikebeingalive” - SA1 Hugo, SA3 Ken, SA2 Chun
3 - Paul - “the greatest” - SA2 Ryu, SA1 Akuma, SA3 Ken

1 - Ryan - “thehungrywolf” - C Rugal or Blanka/Ryu/Terry-2
2 - Paul - “the greatest” - C Sagat-4 or C Sagat/Terry/Ryu-2
3 - Me - “ilikebeingalive” - A Mai/Chun-Li/Blanka-2

1 - Wayne - “WayGamble” - Jin, Law (Columbia)
2 - Josh - “icege” - Marduk, Jin, Lee
3 - Ron - “King Kaza” - Julia (Columbia)

1 - Wayne - “WayGamble” - Mitsurgi (Columbia)
2 - Ron - “King Kaza” - Ivy, Astaroth, Taki (Columbia)
3 - Paul? - “the greatest” - Nightmare

Me and Birdie playing Gigas Breaker on Gigas Breaker in the finals of 3s was pretty funny/amazing. I was up 3-0, he won, so I switched to Ken, Chun-Li, and 12 and still lost with all of them.

I was raping suckas with my A-Mai and A-ChunLi, my A-blanka is down right terrible, but that’s okay. I’ll get next time, and birdie sandbagged in cvs.

Chun-Li - J. lk, c. lp, c. lp. c. mp, fk sbk CRUSH YOUR GUARD, time for agroove combo of doom - ACTIVATE, [f+mk] x N, qcfx2 k, win

In T4, i stil lose to random spinning christie’s, and somehow i lost to wayne’s Jin.

In SC2, oh yeah, I don’t play that game, i just hit f, f+b with nightmare and parry everything.

Butwhatever, it was fun.


cvs2 and 3s because more people know how to play them and want to. and mvc2

maybe ggxx, but no tekken’s becuz josh is the only person besides maybe dave who even wants to play tekken, except for the two guys who come down from columbia.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Boo this man. The 1,000,000 Mr. Gamble fans demand a Tekken at every tournament Mr. Gamble attends.

^good job. man, i promise once my computer gets fixed, you guys will get a lot more recognition for doing what you do at tournaments.

another fun tourney, everybody was good and fun to play with.

Chi now that Ryan has the CVS2 title you can take his title

you know HUGO is the best in 3S :slight_smile:


Great job placeing 1st in T4 and SC2 keep up the great work man!



is this rookie SERIOUs?!!? hugo is t3h greatest, dont hate sucka what