Charleston, SC 9/11 Results: Call da' police!

Tourney results for 9/11


  1. Paul Shaw “DEBO DA BEAST!!”
  2. Phil Chai
  3. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  4. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf”
  5. Thomas Towry “thehurricane”
  6. Kenny Boynke “Boynke”
  7. Kevin
  8. Jerome Venable “romevjr”
  9. Anthony “tonythatiger86”
  10. Justin Denning “SonGohanX”


  1. Paul Shaw “DEBO DA BEAST!!”
  2. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  3. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf”
  4. Thomas Towry “thehurricane”
  5. Phil Chai
  6. Anthony “tonythatiger86”
  7. Craig
  8. Justin Denning “SonGohanX”


  1. Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  2. Paul Shaw “DEBO DA BEAST!!”
  3. Thomas Towry “thehurricane”
  4. Justin Denning “SonGohanX”
  5. Jerome Venable “romevjr”
  6. Ray Mares “Mojo_Makoto”


  1. Josh McWhorter “Icege” & Justin Denning “SonGohanX”
  2. Paul Shaw “DEBO DA BEAST!!” & Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  3. Matt Keene “Roll Attack” & Craig
  4. Jerome Venable “romevjr” & Ray Mares “mojo_makoto”

Good games and all :slight_smile:

We might get Isuka going here, I dunno.

I’ll post the brackets later if anyone wants em.

characters those players are using in 3S?? :pleased:

3S Bracket:

I’ll add #R, Isuka, and CvS2 later

Are your 3S tournies arcade or ps2?

Jive Out!

It was to be held on PS2, but the only copy of AE was a burnt one, and the modded PS2 was playing #R.

This one was on DC, but they will be on PS2 from now on.

This is not ILL FATE, but the one and only REDROVER :encore:

OMG… Josh!!! Top 3 in like… everything!!! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob. :party:

(what character did u play in reloaded… :wow: )


I used Sol in #R and Isuka
Yun SAIII, Ken SAIII in 3S
K-Blanka/Cammy/Sagat-2, A-Ken_Cammy/Sakura/Blanka-2

Josh is a terrorist!!