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new thread!


Yay :slight_smile:


Imma change the title of this thread to “Charleston SC: People like to look at the thread, but not post in it” :lol:

Anybody from down that way coming to the Labor Day tourney in Anderson? I might be there if that’s extra incentive for you.


Whats good… I should have my new house next yr so we can all get games in like we use to… Otherwise I plan on fixing the living room at my current place better than it is so we can game until I get my own place…



I’m still going to bug you guys about letting me know when you’re having game nights. Weeknights are ideal for me, since I’m usually doing things almost every weekend. I don’t think I’ve even played half of Charleston in T6 yet.


I am interested in your Food Night and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


Southern Regional Gaming Association, Summerville, SC

i have no clue about this website or place, but wondered if anyone else has seen or heard anything?


i guess its like a LAN place, with tv’s and systems for video game tournaments as well, as for D&D, Mt:G, Pokemon, Heroclix players

possible place for running future tournaments?


This is the first time I’m hearing about the Southern Regional Gaming Association too. Looks like we’ll have somewhere new to run tourneys :slight_smile:

I paid the deposit for my apartment not too long ago and I’ll be moving in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be kind of small, but I’m thinking about having casuals maybe once every two weeks or so. I’m actually considering having a sort of get-together move-in week, would anyone be interested?


I am still always down to game. I can only handle so much online SSF4. My fiancé has actually moved in but she has encouraged me to get you guys over more so she can meet everyone.

GGS on Sunday Ryan. Guy raped me good.



gg’s Chris thanks for having me over.

somebody let the SRGA know about our fighting game scene. We need to get some monthly/bimonthly tournies going.


grats, if you ever go old school and play 3s/cvs2/mvc2 let me know


I live in Charleston and am new to the fighting game scene. Im down to play anytime! Let me know the next time y’all get up. I’m trying to play SSF4.


Was I the only one that double checked “fiance”?


I’ll be hosting game nights about 2 miles from Folly Beach starting this fall semester. Wednesdays @ 6pm.

TTC Gaming Club has a August tournament coming up. More details to come. Trying to get some stuff situated this summer with the club itself T.T CofC should hopefully have a Gaming Club by the end of the fall also.


Is someone specifically working on setting that up? All I’ve seen for my first two years at CofC is a Magic: the Gathering club, the ACM LAN parties, and any play groups that end up assembling in the dorms (Lodge has been pretty set on playing fighting games, although it’s mostly Brawl).

Oh, and I guess I’m new to this thread. I play a bunch of fighting games (SSF4, MvC2, SSBB, TvC, etc), none of them particularly well. Currently spending my time with BB:CS and having a great time with it, feels like a solid upgrade from CT.


about two more weeks -
SSF4 and BBCS - Dont miss out!


hey sup Chris!

^^Another Blazblue player!? about time!!


Xenigma: I’m a co-founder of the Gaming Club as well as the current acting President. EvilestTwin is going to give me a hand, as well as club members @ TTC until CofC’s extension can support itself. Is there anywhere that people play anything besides Brawl? I’ve been at the college for way too long and have never even seen people being the slightest bit interested in fighters.

I won’t be able to host casuals until after Labor Day weekend T_T


Whenever anyone can host any locals let me know. I was a MLG Pro for Gears of War 1 and 2. I am moving on to SSF4 as we speak and i have only been playing for about a week so im not by any means good. I can get together any day as long as its night time. Let me know whats up! My GT on XBL is mons73r and please send me a message saying who you are bc i get a lot of random friend requests from the MLG side of things.


No idea. There’s some popularity for SSF4, and I’ve seen a couple of TEs on campus, but it’s pretty dang casual overall.


I play all of those games. I’d only be a real challenge to you in 3s though. I just finished getting my cabinet done (at my place) I have NG in the cabinet. I play NG (and like, NO ONE ELSE DOES, lol) but its more of nostalgia. I’m down to play some 3s though. Anyone else play this?