Well, only for Marvel.

1st. Mixup
2nd. Sentinallllllllllllll!!!
3rd. Isaac Graham
4th Eric Valencia

Grandfinals I’m told were the gayest 20 mins ever in MvC2 history and should be stricken from the record cause it was complete utter horseshit. WTF? I’m fucking disgusted typing this.

CvS2 My boy Alex Navarro from Miami to Texas to Orlando back to Miami

Other games: You wish I gave a fuck and would report them.


Fuck now me and Issac have to become accountants…


The finals were great, mashing the whole way:p


Great job to all in the torney. Ahh is it matt aka Foomjin? i use to play you back in da day’s up in VA:p . Hey justin, what were the teams for the one’s you posted. Oh mike, clean out yo mail box yo :smiley:



epsilon_ said on irc that he was taking cvs2 if i wasnt going…

good job to my homies navarro (good to hear you’re still playing,) and mixup.

still gettin over the flu :mad:


Justin if u make a thread with RESULTS to a tourney at least get the city right





epsilon couldnt make it. :\


I had bad grades so I couldn’t go… I’ll take it at the A south reigonals Jan 24th.


um, you wont take it cause EMPIRE will be there.

and i highly doubt you coulda beaten navarro, he’s actually really good. GG


#1 I know Alex is good.
#2 I don’t care if the Empire is coming, I’m still going to try my hardest.