Charleston, SC: Home of the B*tch Made Gauntlet™

Days/Times of Availability
Thomas: Tuesday, Saturday
Josh: Thursday (after 1:40pm), Sunday

Josh you sound like an abused spouse. I will play the devils advocate and try to get you to come back.
The scene: Hey girl you know I didn’t mean to hurt you. Let me explain myself.

  1. Beating the hell out of you is not disrespect.
  2. We only beats you cause we love you.
  3. The scene only beat you cause you did something to make it angry.
  4. The scene was having a bad day. No one knows how much stress the scene is under.

P.S. The other Jerome told me you bailed on your bitch made gauntlet match. You replace Aurthur in the bitch made Gauntlet by default until you play him.

Damn lol

You guys and your silly titles :stuck_out_tongue:

In Josh’s defense, he was too busy showing Myrtle Beach how to run a tournament to waste time on that Free Hawk. But damn I lol’d at that Jerome.

The is the first good thread title in 6 years.

also if u live in summerville sc and play mk9 and recently went to a mk9 tournny in myrtle beach sc but didnt play bc it was canceled? post up ur info plz! thank you!

What’s that saying? No good deed goes unpunished. lmao. I’m just picking at you Josh.

Saturday was mad fun despite the events that transpired after we left, and the fact i almost left without my tournament earnings lol. Shouts to JV and Shawn for rolling with me. It was good seeing charleston out there at just about full force.

When and where are the final round grind sessions taking place??? I need KOF and SSFIV ae2012 practice.

i can game tomarrow around 9


ill be there w/ps3 setup. we gotta get some sengoku basara 3 utage vs mode matches in too lol

this thread is looking awesome already.
jerome is the man
sent from Gotham City via the batcomputer

Chun-Li has an infinite? Thanks for the new anchor Capcom.

I’ll swing by too you need a set up?

and she was goin 2 be mine also, lol lucky!

So I’m moving to Norfolk, VA.

sent from Gotham City via the batcomputer

So you’re moving in one of the areas where MK is still strong and has a scene? I’d say it’s a very good move and it’ll suck for SC to lose such a good MK player.

hori real arcade pro v3 sa $100
Xbox 360 Elite 250 hdd $100
PS3 160 $200
Ipod touch 3g 64 gb Jailbroken. $100
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Is the touch refurbished? I am interested in buying it.

No im the only owner. its got a cover and case too. I stopped using when i got my iphone.

Alright when can I get it from you? I will buy it today if your free. I get off at 5:00 today.