Charleston, SC: Home of the B*tch Made Gauntlet™


Hello, I’m relatively new around here. tried to find tourneys when I was feeling MVC a while back. Put it down and now I’m back and ready to train for real.
I’m in Myrtle Beach and I’m looking to train with exceptional people if possible. Thanks for your time , hope this isn’t a waste of time.


If you are ever in, or are willing to come to the Charleston area, hit me up on facebook. facebook/tehflavor. We wont waste your time :slight_smile:


What’s up flavor, glad to see a quick response. Judging by the more recent posts I figured it might be a while. I’d be down to head that way if it could be a weekend LAN or something along those lines. Also, the wasting time comment was directed towards the forums being dead. I was hoping they were not dead and a waste of my time. I see that they are not and regardless of the skill, it’d be nice to play with people who actually try and enjoy Marvel. I only have a couple people who play, but they rarely play or give a shit about learning anything.


Yea, i think im the only active user anymore lol. We dont really have weekend lans per say, but my place is becoming a 24/7 spot for marvel and other games. Ive been testing out a steam, and itll be live 100% once all the kinks are worked out. My goal is to have this place be the SCFGTV(for lack of better names), but its really just a matter of folks comin out more. Turnout has been improving tho. But yea, get at me on fb. My work schedule is hella random, so i dont know when ill have 2 days off in a row, if i dont request em. But hell, if nothing else, maybe I can request a weekend off to host a big ass organized training session.


That sounds awesome. I don’t have a Facebook, I’ll get on that. What do you mean 24/7 spot? Like a 24/7 dojo? That’s fucking awesome if that’s the case. Shit man, you wouldn’t have to organize shit if I could come through for a couple days and there’s people trying to play. I just recently started checking out marvel tourney gameplay ( Been lost on COD ) and I checked out the FGTV too, so I think that stream is a great idea. Hopefully this can pan out, my shit’s been crazy lately so if everything works out I can start getting down. Until then, I’ll be in touch, later man.


Chris, most ppl post on a Facebook group that was made (

I live downtown and there are several players less than 10min from you. Two live off of 61 close to where Wal-Mart used to be, and I think there are 2-3 others in the area. When the fall semester starts back up and students come back to CofC there will be an extra head or three as well.

Hope the married life is treating you well!


Pretty much. The only ppl that are here 100% are myself and my roommate(we both play obv), but ppl are welcome any and all hours for the most part. It doesnt seem like ppl around here have the drive that we do. Were still kinda waitin for the first ppl that really go the distance with our crack sessions. PPL NEED TO COME OUT MORE. And play 1st to 500s, lol.


Ive got the majority of the kinks worked out of my stream, and it can be viewed at Its mostly marvel, but as previously stated we dabble in all fighters, and anytime my roommate and i play something multiplayer it ends up getting streamed as well. Come by the place and get some games in, or come by the stream and monster it up. Dont forget to follow, I need all the support I can get.


Hey guys, just a reminder, Midwest Championships 20th Anniversary is coming up this weekend at Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch, TN! All of the tournament info (games, fees, payouts, etc) is on our Facebook event page here:

We are also looking for some dedicated commentators for MWC this weekend for our awesome stream, which will be hosted by Panda Gaming on Twitch. Let us know on our event page if you are interested and what game knowledge you have.

We’re going to have pot bonuses, tons of games to play, as well as a large selection of arcade and pinball machines to play as well. It’s going to be a blast and we look forward to seeing you all there!


Im in teh Chuck and would love to get some non-online / decent connection online play in. I play UMVC3 and VF5fS and everything else casually

PSN = themightyikari


@Clout Hey man, you still looking for some offline games in Myrtle Beach? I’m gonna PM you, too - but I wanted to post in case anyone else sees. I’d love to find a gaming group and get some training/casuals going on.

I play mostly SSFIVAE and putz around with UMVC3 and skullgirls but I’m terrible at both of those
My roommate plays Soul Cal V and e-sports games. I don’t know if he’s interested in meeting people for MOBA games, but we used to have a group of people that played Soul Cal II offline and it was mad fun.

Also, does anyone know when a tournament is going to come to MB again? I went to the Brawl at the Beach that was at Kono Lounge, but I missed the one that was at the con. Sadly, life/career prevents me from traveling much.


I just moved into charleston recently from savannah. Are there any meetups or anything like that?


most of us meet at realms in summerville on saturday nights until 2am. colin hosts umvc3 whenever he is off in west ashley and i host tekken whenevwr im free downtown.

i also like vf but havent played in a year :frowning:



I joined but I guess someone has to accept me or something lol


Damn this thread seems a little dead but hopefully I can shed some light. But I’m hosting 2 tournaments for 6 games on 2 different days. If you read on the SCFGC facebook page this Friday I’m running at my place 3 games which is AE 2012, SFXT, Tekken Tag 2. On Saturday at Realms games in Summerville I’m running Injustice, Persona 4, and umvc3. Hope to see some you guys show up. And if you need directions to my place text me or call me at 8435325254. Tournaments for both days will start at 9pm and I hope to get done by 12am. So I’m running a tight ship. Also at least 4 ppl to run a game.


Days for the tournaments are August 23 and 24.


Hey guys, just a reminder - “King of the Bling” is coming up in October in Antioch, TN at Game Galaxy! We had a great turnout last year and we hope to have more this year!

  • Your cover fee lets you play all of our arcade and pinball machines while you wait on your matches!

  • Pot bonuses everywhere! $500 1st place extra for SFAE, Injustice, and UMVC3!!
    You won’t want to miss this event! Tell your friends, it’s going to be wild!


I guess Charleston is dead? Please respond if there are any survivors


We still here just we post on the SCFGC facebook page. Social media is the place where players meet now.