Charleston, SC: Hustle... Hustle... Hustle... Hard

Who is that guy in this video? Do y’all know him? He’s from Charleston obviously because he says “Chucktown” in the rap song. At first, I thought he was in Japan or something because it looks like an earthquake just happened.

is their any other buffalo’s, other then me down for red lobster tomorrow.

What time tomorrow??
I work 3:30-till.

I’m always down for Marvel2, although i’m fairly horrible at it nowadays, haven’t played seriously for years.

jus giv me a call. im always off on saturday.

Two hours left to vote:

Category A (Capcom games):

  1. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (DC)
  2. Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PS2)2 votes
  3. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS2) 4 votes
  4. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (PS2)
  5. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (360/PS3)1 vote
  6. Vampire Savior (PS2) 5 votes

Category B (SNK games):

  1. Garou: Mark of the Wolves (PS2)2 votes
  2. King of Fighters XI (PS2) 1 vote
  3. King of Fighters 98 UM (PS2) 2 votes
  4. King of Fighters 2002 UM (PS2) 2 votes
  5. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (PS2) 2 votes
  6. Samurai Shodown 6/Tenka (PS2) 3 votes

Category C (Anime/Donjon/Poverty games):

  1. Akatsuki Blitzkampf (PC) 2 votes
  2. Arcana Heart 3 (PS3) 3 votes
  3. Battle Fantasia (PS3) 2 votes
  4. Blazblue: CS (PS3/360) 2 votes
  5. Melty Blood Whatever (PS2) 2 votes
  6. Vanguard Princess (PC)1 vote

Category D (3-D games):

  1. Dead or Alive 4 (360–for the love of god please don’t pick this)1 vote
  2. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (360) 1 vote
  3. Tekken Tag Tournament…2v2 if possible! (PS2) 1 vote
  4. Soul Calibur 4 (PS3/360) 5 votes
  5. Virtua Fighter 5 (360…because I don’t even think anybody has the PS3 version)2 votes
  6. WWE All Stars (360/PS2…if anybody has it???) 2 votes

Category E (Wildcard)–Only if necessary after the 1st 4 games are run:

  1. Whatever game gets the most votes but doesn’t win a category 1 vote(AH3 1 vote) (VF5 1 vote)(BBCS 1 vote)(SFA31 vote)
  2. Totally random pick out of the games left 1 vote
  3. Whatever team is losing can pick out of the games left
  4. Write-in
    UMK3 1 vote

Be sure to vote in at least the 1st 4 categories otherwise your vote won’t count. Even if you’re not planning on attending the tournament, we’re still going to try to get footage of the winning games being played…

I like MvC2 but I’m terribad

Can’t wait for the semester to be over… I’m only taking English 101 @ TTC during the summer, so it’ll be the closest thing I’ve had to a summer vacation since… high school? >.> Hell, I might actually try and game with you savages.

Which Red Lobster is being stampeded?

Has anyone gotten WWE All Stars? I keep hearing it’s a legitimate fighter.

lol Dark Matter. You would be difficult to play Manhunt with :lol:

The Red Lobster on Mall drive or the one next to Citadel Mall

Manhunt would be interesting if were on the same team
that would be perfect

John you need to kick Josh in the neck when you see him. That brotha was not hustling hard.

Back in the lab hardcore with Viper, both games. Hit me up if anyone wants to throw down.

In other news, getting pretty furious at Japan fucking up my career.

How Japan is fucking up ur career??
am i missing out on something?

No Im gone again… I need a new job. All of this not being home and 84hr work weeks are getting old.:wasted:

Heard dat

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@Arthur: I’m a Reactor Operator, and Japan has handled that plant about 85% incorrectly, with numerous operator negligence errors which compounded a situation which started out perfectly contained. Now the ignorant public is going to take this nuclear crisis from the japan plant and assume that every plant in the world is unsafe, even though that plant is about 40 years old, and nowhere as engineered as modern plants are, let alone their safety standards have to be severely lacking based on the caliber of training/supervision that has been observed over there. American plants don’t operate that way, but the public doesn’t understand that.

In other news, after 9 hours of online MvC3, i’m confident saying that Zero, Ammy, and Hulk pretty much own me for free. Counterpickers go!

That is very true, and everyone can have a good day every now and then. It doesn’t make them permanently better than someone in a game, bc people can have an off day, or get better. Plus when you have someone in your ear the whole time in a ft5 or 10 or casuals it doesn’t help things… Just Saying!!!

Makes me wonder what’s on you mind?? If you are taking this personal then tell me to my face, and don’t talk shit over a thread… From the looks of your post it is clear that it’s not just games, and something is on your mind. So either we can keep it games and have fun, or things can escalate into whatever happens happens… Just saying

Are you for real? Why the hell would it be personal? Get over that quick. If it was, I wouldn’t even speak or acknowledge you. My thing is you talk ALL this shit on the thread and in person, then you get exploited and still give no props where they are do. You don’t want to get better, you just want to beat everyone in Charleston. Everyone that’s been gaming with us knows what’s up and everyone that hasn’t needs to mind their own god damn business, especially if they’re only reading the threads. Don’t talk shit, there won’t be any problems. I want you and everyone else to get more solid in the community, especially with my main games Tekken and soon MK9 so I can get better, but it seems like everyones whatever about it, so I get frustrated because you bitch about “lack of knowledge,” “that don’t work,” or “you told me the wrong info.” Seriously? Shit ain’t fun no more. You all are free in Tekken because you choose not to get better, especially you Paul. Idk what else needs to be said on the situation.

omg I love Charleston

In other news, strip club night is greater than gaming night. :slight_smile:

It’s pointless posting a reply to your lies on a thread, so I will see you when I see you, and whatever happens, just happens!!!