Charleston, SC: Mastodons and Money Matches, But No Meth

New thread, Anthony took too long

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Nice title!

lol, quit bein babies, like im gonna break in your house and sell your momma’s spoons or some shit. Im just trying to play streetfighter bruh. Errybody hatin and freaking out like it’s a big deal. Its called party and play bruh. Bitches on meth are freaky, you ever get your shit sucked off by a girl with no teeth? They gum on that shit like its sour warheads. Real talk:

U methmad

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GGs last night. Highschool of the Dead was some good shit too. Those of you that didn’t stay need to watch it!

I read your link SupremeDNA. So what your saying is that your some kind of gay meth head? :smokin:

See Josh this is what happens when you make the thread name. The riff raff start showing up. This is Josh’s fault. :lol:

…josh should be forever banned from makin thread titles. cant be attracting gay meth heads in here talkin reckless

Howdy everybody. I introduced myself in one of these threads a while back, but I’ll re-say hi. I have wheels this semester so hopefully I’ll be able to join you guys for some games if that’s cool at some point.

Fuck y’all! He came in at the end of John H’s mix tape thread. I’m trying to move us out of the threadhood w/o the tranny meth hookers.:lol:

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Whens the next get together??

My place Saturday. If anybody wants to play around 7:30pm. Also dont forget about the tournament Sunday as well.

u gaming today also??
did i left my copy of street fighter over there??

Josh he must have sensed some latent homosexuality was about to manifest during your title creation process.

Hey BreadWP I can message you my phone# if you still don’t mind giving me a ride this sunday.

I think he followed Anthony from NY when he came back down

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How would you guys feel about doing RanBats and the winners of each game (pending $$$) getting their hotel room(s) paid for @ Final Round 15?

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Games would be UMvC3, SF2012, TTT2 (pending the release date, might have to be T6

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The concept is good but I think its too early to see if that would work cause the scene here needs to grow a little bit more. And the tournaments being hosted at dotgames every other sunday would be great start for us to get new blood. I think just having regular bi weekly tournaments is a good idea. But telling people who we dont know that the money your putting in is for a season tournament and the winner who has the most points is going to final round free by taking your money would be like wtf. Maybe we can do that for a 1 tournament sometime around Febuary and charge ppl 10 to 15 to enter and the winner gets a free trip to FR by using the money in that tournament. And make sure we advises the tournament for that.

As for the game I dont TT2 would be the game you be add in there I would do MK cause of the popularity of the game is 2nd hightest Cause I can name at least 8 ppl who play that game. What we can do is test it out at dotgames at one tournament when it comes out. But I know meeting the guys in N. Charleston they seemed very heavy for MK.

yea keep it the way DrFaust/thomas has it. its a simple solid format!