Charleston SC, WE SHANK TOP 5!

Got-em pt.2!

update on tourney info please?

be there saturday, i hope

I hereby christen this thread amazing.

Only good things can come from this.

If I make it out to the tourney this weekend, I’m gonna try out my new “no practice in a month” system.

I have high hopes for it.

Oh god I got confused for a second when I didn’t see the behemoth of the last thread updated and instead saw this.

Same here. :cool:

The old charleston thread has gone to die in the dinosaur graveyard with the other brontosaurouses.

The thread’s name lacks personality.


If anyone is interested, I’m selling my Wacom Intuos3 6 x 8-Inch Pen Tablet for 250 bucks (Amazon is selling a new one for $330 dollars).

The condition is good as new because I barely used it and never touched it again.

Josh here on Rob’s sn

Tournament is @ Play N Trade in West Ashley. Madden2k10 is $10 and starts @ 12. Single elim. We do the SF4 5v5 at 2pm and then start KoF12, SF4, and BB (all $5 each) as soon as it’s done. Fighters are double elim

Columbia had 17 people show up just to see who was going to get a spot on Team Midlands with maybe 4 days notice. I can’t get 7 of you assholes to come to a tournament with 4 weeks notice D:<

But they’re probably going to be around 13. Still, that’s a grip of heads coming for SF4. Even if you haven’t been playing and don’t really want to spend money to get worked, come support the scene. Hell, take a shot at stopping any of those fools from taking our money. We got to protect this house, not just get hype to see the house protected.

New 5v5 Line Up: Ryan, me, Justin, Luis, Paul. Chris T is the new alternate.

I hope the people that dropped SF4 for another game at least come and participate in the game they dropped it for. Let’s get hyyyype!

I think we’ve discussed this before !!!

Is Chris T coming ?

it was “Where Top 5 Get Shanked!” / Where Top 5 Come To Get Shanked! but someone keep deleting it. i guess they taught it was offensive?

im free wednesday and Thursday if anyone is getting up.


Good stuff Shawn you are forgiven.

(PS3 is now 300 bucks as well)



Invisible Target
Wonder Woman (DC Animated Movie)
Ip Man
House Of Fury

-Movies U probably Haven’t Seen, But SHOULD!-

Wow and only for 300! if my Warranty company fucks up again im going to have them send me a check for 500 bones and get one of those!

i mess the 4 ports though, i wonder if its backwards compatible wit psx and ps2?

Word from joystiq is it isn’t backwards compatible.

Not backwards compatible, no secondary OS install (no big deal to most of us), only 2 USB slots instead of 4, no media card slots. Big HD though!

Looks like the “home media hub” PS3 is dying and is becoming a more dedicated game and movie player.

I’m glad I got my BC PS3 when I did. I love the gloss black of the old design and the new one with its matt finish and “texture” looks kinda cheap. I mean I spent $400 for my machine but it looks like $400!

This will be good for Sony though and good for people who wanted a PS3 but couldn’t afford it at $400.

Also, everybody who can make it come to the Charleston tourney. While we got a lot of people there maybe we can discuss how to get the Final Round Regional 5 on 5 team together for March of next year so we can fuck up other states!

are ya’ll gonna record any of the tournament? atleast finals for me

Yup and hopefully this spurs sales quite a bit, although the 360 Elite is also dropping to 299 at the end of the month (they’re discontinuing the Pro) so we’ll see how the holiday sales go. Either way this basically sold me a PS3. The matte finish is pretty shitty, I’ll agree, but from every other angle it looks really nice and besides, no one is going to really care what the console looks like from the top so whatever.

backwards compatible is the only thing im mad at. but for the most part its a good deal.