Charleston Team Tournament Results (1/3/04)


Marvel vs. Capcom 2:

  1. Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin” & Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  2. Rob Knott “Violent Requiem” & Steve Cromwell “chelgoth”
  3. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” & Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  4. Stevie Kaufmann “GookBlaster” & Jannicq
  5. Shawn Smith & Thomas Towrey “thehurricane”
  6. Paul Watts “R.E.N.” & Antonio Hutchinson
  7. Dave Dumas “Dead Reckoning” & Mike Dumas “TheBear”
  8. Will & Paul

Capcom vs. SNK 2:

  1. Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin” & Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  2. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” & Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  3. Shawn Smith & Thomas Towrey “thehurricane”
  4. Rob Knott “Violent Requiem” & Steve Cromwell “chelgoth”
  5. Stevie Kaufmann “GookBlaster” & Jannicq
  6. Dave Dumas “Dead Reckoning” & Mike Dumas “TheBear”
  7. Paul Watts “R.E.N.” & Antonio Hutchinson

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike:

  1. Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin” & Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  2. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” & Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  3. Paul Watts “R.E.N.” & Antonio Hutchinson
  4. Shawn Smith & Thomas Towrey “thehurricane”
  5. Dave Dumas “Dead Reckoning” & Mike Dumas “TheBear”
  6. Rob Knott “Violent Requiem” & Steve Cromwell “chelgoth”
  7. Stevie Kaufmann “GookBlaster” & Jannicq

Guilty Gear XX:

  1. Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin” & Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  2. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” & Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  3. Dave Dumas “Dead Reckoning” & Mike Dumas “TheBear”
  4. Rob Knott “Violent Requiem” & Steve Cromwell “chelgoth”
  5. Stevie Kaufmann “GookBlaster” & Jannicq
  6. Shawn Smith & Thomas Towrey “thehurricane”
  7. Paul Watts “R.E.N.” & Antonio Hutchinson

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution:

  1. Dave Dumas “Dead Reckoning” & Mike Dumas “TheBear”
  2. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” & Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  3. Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin” & Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  4. Paul Watts “R.E.N.” & Antonio Hutchinson
  5. Rob Knott “Violent Requiem” & Steve Cromwell “chelgoth”
  6. Stevie Kaufmann “GookBlaster” & Jannicq
  7. Shawn Smith & Thomas Towrey “thehurricane”

Soul Calibur 2:

  1. Paul Watts “R.E.N.” & Antonio Hutchinson
  2. Rob Knott “Violent Requiem” & Steve Cromwell “chelgoth”
  3. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” & Josh McWhorter “Icege”
  4. Stevie Kaufmann “GookBlaster” & Jannicq
  5. Trinh Nguyen “DirtyShin” & Chi Kaufmann “ilikebeingalive”
  6. Shawn Smith & Thomas Towrey “thehurricane”
  7. Dave Dumas “Dead Reckoning” & Mike Dumas “TheBear”

-Trinh rushing down each and every person he played against with the greatest of ease in CvS2.
-Ryan vs. Thomas in CvS2 were probably the matches of the night in any game. Both times were MAD close
-Someone getting hit by an Instant Kill in GGXX. I think Stevie hit somebody with it.
-Mike & Dave’s clear dominance of VF4Evo
-Tony & PJ’s SC2 dominance. Steve put up a good fight in the end, but Tony was just too strong
-Random power being turned off
-Steve OCVing me after I OCV’d Stevie :frowning:
-Rob’s love of Plasma Storming during an AHVB cause he likes to wiggle and mash too much


CVS2: Trinh owned

3S: Trinh owned

GGXX: Trinh owned

VF4EVO: watched josh get us 2nd

SC2: watched josh get us 3rd

MVC2: beat some people then let josh take over


who used what chartacters in 3s?


what characters were used in cvs2?



trinh is a fucking machine

Marvel vs. Capcom 2:

  1. “DirtyShin” - mag/sent/capcom or psy
  2. “ilikebeingalive”- sent/cable/capcom
  3. “Violent Requiem” - sent/cable/capcom
  4. “chelgoth” - bh/spiral/doom
  5. “ThaHungryWolf”- mag/cable/jin
  6. “Icege” - storm/sent/capcom

Capcom vs. SNK 2:

  1. “DirtyShin” - N Iori/Yama/Vega/Blanka/Cammy/Ryu/Sagat-2
  2. “ilikebeingalive” A Mai/Chun/Blanka-2
  3. “ThaHungryWolf” - C Sagat/Blanka/Terry-2
  4. “Icege” - K Cammy/Chun/Sagat-2
  5. Shawn Smith - K Terry/Rugal/Sagat-2
  6. “thehurricane” - C Sagat/Blanka/Rock-2

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike:

  1. “DirtyShin” - Chun-Li SA2
  2. “ilikebeingalive” - Alex SA2
  3. “ThaHungryWolf” - Yang SA2
  4. “Icege” - Yun SA3
  5. “R.E.N.” - Akuma SA3
  6. Antonio Hutchinson - Ken SA2

Guilty Gear XX:

  1. “DirtyShin” - Ky
  2. “ilikebeingalive” - Millia/Axl
  3. “ThaHungryWolf” & “Icege” - Sol Scrubs
  4. “Dead Reckoning” - Millia/Faust
  5. “TheBear” - Axl

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution:
1+2 - prolly good characters and players
3. “DirtyShin” - Jacky
3. “ilikebeingalive” - Lion

Soul Calibur 2:
1-4 - prolly good characters and players
5. “DirtyShin” - Mitsurgi
5. “ilikebeingalive” - Nightmare

Trinh straight beasted everyone in every game. I got in my fair share of wins, so I didn’t completely use him for the victory.

His Sentinel is a beast, he taught me so much in the few hours we played. Also taught me some dope mag and storm stuff.


team seattle runs over charleston

thanks for coming everyone, it was mad fun


‘violent requiem’ tackled me on the ddr machine, left a 5 inch gash in my leg, and ripped my jeans in 40 pieces, and takes me to old navy and buys me a new pair, now to mention…


hope ya have a safe trip back home to seattle, and show all your seattle peeps how we play the real marvel in charleston

hayato/camm/tron > mag/sent/chunli

and colossus powa!!

goooooood shit everyone


trinh is a fucking machine



I also used Makoto SAII against PJ/Tony in the losers’ finals and Alex SAII against Trinh in the grand finals’.

I busted out the K-Cammy/Hibiki/Sagat once too. WEE!

SC2 - Nightmare and Yoshimitsu
VF4Evo - Vanessa and Brad

Trinh = monster. He blocks in GGXX and skullfucks you everytime you jump. Rushes down in CvS2 and makes you cry, Chuns in 3S, and teaches Chi how to stomp your face in Marvel. Too… strong…


yun and makoto. you are cool.


losers and winners finals in MvC2 were waaaay too much fun.

Trinh played MSS vs Steve and got beat, totally fucking crazy. Then Chi beats steve.

Finally, last match of the day, the showdown between me and the fat one…

He’s running me, I’m playing total east coast and just firing bullets. I land a AHVB, and DHC into plasma storm like a retard. Chi destroys Sent, cable kills his sent, weakens his cable, then gets peaced. Capcom rushes cable, kills him. Cap vs Cap, 2 seconds left, I try and chip, and it wasn’t ment to be. Time fucking over, I lose. SO FRUSTRATING!

Steve and I got peaced out 2 - 0. I beat Chi first game, but Trinh beat Steve and me. Then Steve started second game, beat Trinh, lost to chi. I lose to chi. FUCK!

I almost beat trinh the first round, but I did that AHVB into plasma storm again. I need to not do that shit. Anyways, Trinh doesn’t let you off on making mistakes and just housed me for being a retard.

Steve beasting Josh for the BH OCV was fucking beautiful. Josh was SO mad afterwards and really beat himself up, but he was hella handicapped anyways. He had to play Steve and Me back to back by himself because his partner left. You did good fucker! Steve just hit a zen moment.

Just to point this out, BH/Spiral/Doom has some absolutely CRAZY blockstun shit.

He was playing BH-AA/Spiral-Ground/Doom-AA.

I don’t know how effective it would be with guard canceling (because he did hod/doomAA a lot, but no one was getting out of it.

The tourny was great! Steve carried me through EVERY game but marvel. PJ and Tony are SC2 monsters.


Edit: I wish I could visit more often, between Chi, me, Steve, and Paul we could probably really do something with our marvel scene. I promise to know how to play when I come home next time.


I’ve played against that team of Steve’s since he first figured out the BH block stun stuff. I’ve CRUSHED him over and over again when he played them. I was upset because I got stupid and was calling Capcom to try and clear Doom away after rocks went by when I knew Steve would throw demons down to keep me in block stun. I should’ve just called Sent like I do whenever we usually play.

Then I picked Cyke and acted like a retard by calling him from full screen away. I was upset that I made such dumb mistakes against somebody who’s ass I cut on a regular basis. I said I got my ass whooped, Steve played well, but I know I’m better than him.


You played hella well jew, I had no idea you were that good. I was just proud of steve. Don’t get sad, I fucked up too and lost to Chi. Steve’s not a bad player, so it’s not a bad thing to lose to him. He scored a win on Trinh too little homie!

Thanks for teaching me how to do AHVBx3, too bad I’m still mentally handicapped. :slight_smile: My TeamScrub will be so much harder after I perfect it. Once I learn that, I’ll learn all the set ups, then how to grenade properly, then fast fly. Then I’ll win tournies!



Posted highlights.

I’m just a sore loser. Especially when it’s against someone who I pound on the regular. Then I heard you hyping it all. I just let it go to my head. Oh well. I’ll just have to make sure that I stay smart instead of getting cocky against people who I usually beat. That’s what made Bigpaulll lose to ThaHungryWolf in the last tourney they played in. Doh.

Sowwy for being a butthole :confused:


B4 the last tournament me and paul were Tied 1 a piece in tournament play. Still dont know why he tried Ratio 4 sagat on me

I was surprised how i did in GGXX


I’m mad that josh spelled my name wrong. cvs2 i use sagat/blanka/rock-2 or ken/blanka/rock-2, 3s i use ken-sa3, ggxx i use chip didnt feel like being a ky scrub that day, marvel i used cable, capcom, megaman.


What happened to Tekken?


Trinh won top 15 in cvs2 and top 20 mvc2 and show us some new stuff. it was fun shit:cool:


Dave came to bring Tekken 4, and since we never play Evo but he always comes, we switched it instead. That and there were more SC2 then Tekken players, so we switched that as well.

Ryan: Ja… you beat him one tourney, he beat you the next one, and he just got cocky during ya’lls last bout and you beat him. I made them same mistake with Steve, along with many others :confused:


viets repping it up. good job trinh nguyen, whoever the hell you are :evil:


Tourny was still mad fun.

Trinh’s leaving today. And charleston wept.


Spice: I’m going to momma’s today, I’ll be stopping by to love on you with ed before I go. Mmm.


Josh it wasnt even close to like your battle with steve. Your’s was 1 round. My battle i had to win 8 he had to win 4 I won around 6 or 7 in a row then he got one then i finished it