Charleston Tourney Results - 3s, CvS2, MvC2, GGXX



cvs2 - 12 people
1 - Birdie Yang - K Gief/Honda-2/Bison, R4 K Gief
1 - Ryan - “thehungrywolf” - C Ryu/Geese/Sagat-2
3 - Chi - “ilikebeingalive” - K Sagat/Cammy/Blanka-2, R4 A Chang
4 - Paul - “deba da rookie” - C Runaway/Sagat/Blanka-2

thomas knocks ryan into loser’s, i knock paul into the loser’s
birdie knocks thomas into another century with K Bison

ryan knocks josh to loser’s and i knock him out and he complains about me running, too bad I ran at him the entire match and know how to bait his shoshosho and i jump over roll-cancels

ryan knocks paul out and in cvs2 with just 1 ryu and talks some cash money game

Birdie > me 3-1 winner’s finals

  1. his ngroove > my ngroove
  2. r4 A-Chang > his ngroove
  3. r4 K-Gief > R4 A-Chang
    I had him in the a-groove Chang combo and missed c. fp xx super, so I got 720’d and lost.
  4. R4 K-Gief > R4 A-Chang
    Once again, miss the EASY combo into super to the end agroove but i got 360’d this time and lost again.

Ryan > Me 3-0 Loser’s finals
They didn’t play it out, just split the money.

This game does get boring. I just did pure rushdown the entire time because I’m stupid. I ran into a lot of fierces and supers but I didn’t get bored tooooo much. My A-Chang is way off.


1 Birdie - Alex SA3
1 Ryan - “thehungrywolf” - Makoto SA1
3 Paul - “Debo da Beast” - Hugo SA3, Ken SA3, Elena SA2
4 Chi - “ilikebeingalive” - Ryu SA1, Chun SA2, Q SA1

Ryan knocks me to loser’s 2-1. Paul knocks me out 2-1 with Ken.
Ryan beats Birdy 3-0 or 3-1. Birdy knocks out Paul 3-0 with Alex.
Once again, Birdy and Ryan split.


mvc2 - 4 people round robin
Chi - “ilikebeingalive” - MSS-A, Santhrax 3-0
Keith - “CHILI DOG” - Team Row, Storm/Sent/Capcom - 2-1
Navy Paul - “uberpinoy1” - 1-2 - Storm/Cable/Capcom- losing to me and Keith
Lester - “ProfessorLester” - 0-3 - Cable/Storm-y/Capcom

I randomly beat Keith cuz he didn’t have stick hooked up so his Mag was off point.

Me and Keith play best of 7 finals. And he plugs in his stick :frowning:

  1. His Row > My MSP - 1-0
  2. His Row > My Santhrax - 2-0
  3. My Santhrax > His Row - 2-1
  4. His Row > My Santhrax - 3-1
  5. My Santhrax > His Row - 3-2
  6. His Santhrax > My Row - 4-2, Keith Wins

I kept most of the games close but he went off one game with crazy shit.



Me vs Keith - MSP on MSP - 2/3 - $5

  1. His MSP > My MSP
    Didn’t get ocved :smiley: and he hit with me the uber storm reset
  2. His MSP > My MSP
    i forgot to kill his magnus

GG’s, Keith is a certified beast in marvel, and Lester is the lockdown god with Cable/Storm/Capcom. Thank god he forgot to cancel super against me and let me win cuz of it :slight_smile:


GGXX - Exhibition/Casual Matches
-is reallly good with Anji and his unblockable
-good chipp rushdown, i think he missed a few combos here and there and forgot to do supers
-solid sol that’s even better than josh’s

-really good with Sol, Baiken, Slayer, Dizzy, everyone else in the game and Testament
-I beat him a round My Millia on his Dizzy :eek: thats about it tho

They definitely showed us lots of cool shit and how to play the game in general.

Josh “icege” was hanging in there at least half the time, and only got perfected like 5 times. Paul got perfected by Anji, that was funny.

Sorry to Keith and Lester that more people didn’t show up to play Guilty Gear and once again it was put last. But you guys are insane at that game, maybe I should play it sometime?

Lester puts $5 against Pauls $2 that says…
Lester’s Chipp > Paul’s Axl…

match count

  1. Chipp > Axl - 2-1 rounds
  2. Axl > Chipp - 2-1 rounds
  3. Axl > Chipp - 2-0 rounds

Paul declines any other money matches.

Josh’s Sol vs Keith’s Sol for a DOLLLLLLLLLLLA

match count

  1. Keith’s Sol > Josh’s Sol - 2-0 rounds
  2. Keith’s Sol > Josh’s Sol - 2-1 rounds

gville guys play one more match against paul before they leave.

Lester’s Anji > Paul’s Axl
Keith’s Sol > Paul’s Axl

Paul zoned the shit outta of em and they would jump into supers, it was too funny. Lester talks some dirty shit and Keith slows time down. and Jerome talks too much.

welcome to charleston, we like gimmicks.

-gville for coming down and playing and schooling me in marvel
-jerome for showing up and entertainment
-paul as always for amazing hospitality, i wish i could spot ya some more money for the food and drinks and shizzle, but im really broke right now, and reppin’ chucktown in GGXX along with Jerome, HAHAHAH AND ME
-josh for not punching me and being a kindagood sport and coming to get me
-ryan and birdie for making what they said come true, which they told me in the chatroom on AIM
-thomas for picking a non rolling groove
-kenny and ray for coming to the tourney

-me for not winning at all and losing 3-0 to ryan
-all the bitches that did not show up
-house of blues in myrtle beach for selling out of dashboard confessional tickets
-thomas for kissing josh
-josh for bragging about it and threatening to fight people
-kenny for not accepting my rematch in cvs2 on the ps2 version

So we’ll end on this note…

if someone beats you, give them their props, don’t say that “they’re not good” or something like that, that’s not cool because…

we’ll leave it at that


HAHA too funny

Good tournament


Next time im down i will rep in 3s also believe that. You guys play too much cvs2 all you guys have great execution. I was even a little down after the ass raping I got and seen. I should get 3 in 3s next time. To all the guys who missed or did not care about GGXX you missed out. We where giving lessons at a great rate. I will give you guys some links that will really help your game improve over all. Air throwing will save your life and can stop burst lol. To beat Josh just and in and block uppercut and then punish. Not. I so forgot to bring out my axl. Oh well I will post more later


time for the marvel excuses

only reason i beat keith in round robin was cuz he didnt use his stick, he had to use josh’s scrubby one

the only reason he beat me in the finals was cuz he stick worked in 1p port and so does mine, so let him use his “precious” stick and used josh’s scrubby one


just kidding, keith is definitely better,

i wish we coulda both used our sticks, damn broken joysticks/dreamcasts


Funny how Chi says he ran at me, when the only thing he did when A-Sak hit play was run the fuck away like me playing Storm :eek:

Ryan however, ran at me and kicked me in the face a lot. :frowning: Good games.

Thomas proved he can’t win without roll-throw though. HA!

Good games of course though to everybody. Too bad a majority rolled out after 3S was over. We played GGXX for 4+ hours. 3+ of those hours were the Charleston Friar’s Club (Jerome, Chi, and later on Matt) roasting me until I came out overdone.

Lester telling Paul to sit at the front of the class was too good. You could see the beasting secretions.

Muchos fun anyways. I’m done playing CvS2. All I can do is RC and A-Groove, but I’ve got no basics whatsoever (ie: poking, baiting, etc). That and at least four people come just to play it, so there’s no reason for me to try and fill out the bracket :stuck_out_tongue:

More GGXX please. I wanna hit somebody with the hotness Keith showed me. Someone get Lester’s Anji video so we can try and figure out how he’s so good.

Watching Keith be a monster in MvC2 made me want to play it again. Good stuff.

Oh yea, and nobody let Kevin come over late at night. People try to do drive bys when he’s there.


watch out for paul and his good luck charm

watch out for josh and thomas the kissing homo’s

a-sak with full meter, me without alpha counter, BETTER TRY TO FIGHT THROUGH RC HURRICANE KICK

if you knew what you were doing, you woulda did the AA custom combo and got some “budget” damage in

you’re great at cvs2, you threw me 4 times with blanka, that’s skillful, i told ya to go back and learn basics, good pokes, basic combos and shizzle like that

i beat you so bad you quit mvc2 and cvs2, didn’t get to beast you 4-0 again in 3s

next is ggxx, the end is near…unless paul makes you quit that…


i do the recruiting, i tutor the students
i nurture they brain, im moving the movement


See? Runner!

Hard to hit a AA CC when you’re jumping back from full screen away :frowning:

I haven’t quit MvC2 yet, dunno what you’re talking about there. I’m still waiting to see you try to get to the LESTER LEVEL.

Holding d/b or jumping backwards with hardslash doesn’t win in GGXX :frowning:


josh mcwh0re. i am ashamed of you.


i beat lester :slight_smile: not easily, but i beat him

but holding db and jumping backwards with HS doesnt win but it does a lot better than you and even wins 5 bucks, all your fancy combos do for you is get you perfected 5 times and losing a dollar


It was actually holding u/b and hitting slash that won $5 and got him perfected at least twice out of the couple of games they played compared to the bunch I played plus the three perfects I got.

Enroll yourself in Reality 101. We’ll find you a substitute though since DEBO THE REALITY CHECK got checked out :confused:


Damnit, I can’t take it anymore…I need to come to the next one.
When is it?



Eric! Come back to Chaaaarrrrlllleston.

Kenny, the one you knew who played with Tiffany, was just back in town. This past tournament was for him and a guy named Steve who are O.G.'s and back in town. Kenny didn’t show, and went back to Georgia. Steve didn’t come til Wednesday, but he’s here to stay.

The “big” one was supposed to be next month, but Last Stand got scheduled the same day. Grrr. The next local is probably going to be July… I dunno… 2nd or 3rd weekend?

Bring Johan, Khang, Isaac, and Jermaine if you can. If your grandmomma can’t put them up for the weekend, I can :stuck_out_tongue:


doesn’t epsilon attend these type of tournaments? josh, next big tournament, i will represent with sean. just to make epsilon happy :smiley:


I’m coming to that Gainsville tourney, think you can make it to that?