Charlie is Remy's father

…Okay, I made you look.

I’m throwing the idea out there because it seems to have been entirely overlooked. We know Guile went home and be a family man, but we don’t really know anything about Charlie. He’s an Air Force guy, he probably did a lot of tour of duties, it’s possible.

Or maybe Remy’s just some random guy. Who knows.

well now that i think about it could be him, i thought it was guile at first but then i remember how he has his own family in america, but there isn’t much on charlie, he really has no past info, it could be that he did leave france or paris or where ever remy is from to join the american army to leave his past life. Remy does have alot of moves like charlie…INTERSTING FIND DASRIK.

Nope. Definitely not. Their moves are the only thing making people think there’s a connection. Fact is, Charlie’s SB is based on sound, and Remy’s is based on light. And besides, Charlie ain’t a French man.

Well it’s interesting seeing this topic is here, I put up a Remy is the son of Nash thread in gamefaqs a couple of years back during my more scrubby times and here are the ideas I came up with on this.

Remy’s story says he did not know who his father was only that he fought for the cause to be a true warrior.

This statement could be taken in different meanings though. If he didn’t know who his father was then the statement that he fought for the cause of being a true warrior ALONE can be wrong.

Look at all the past Street Fighter tournaments wouldn’t multiple characters with different ambitions in mind all be considered true warriors in the same sense?

Not saying Honda and Cammy bred Remy (and his sister) but it falls more on Nash because of his reason to fight. He was virtuous and believed in justice up till his very end. To fight for his causes you needed to be a “true warrior” in a sense- a good soldier. You can’t be tied down with a family because they would only get in the way (you won’t be able to take risks because you think of them). Especially what Nash did in his story so I can believe he had someone in France if he got stationed there, didn’t get attached and split. The reason Nash is better than Guile was the fact he wasn’t an attached family man.

Remy and Nash have things that reference eachother as well. Nash was in the Zero series… but was called the Alpha series in the USA. Remy has an Omega symbol on his jacket. 3S being the last street fighter game it makes sense this way (so far it still holds true). Zero series is the first “story chapter”, it ties the story of Nash being related to Remy in some way, shape, of form since they acknowledge there existances through original artist character design.

Sommersault Justice - Light of Justice

Just to point out they had similar mentalities and common interest to add Justice in there special move names.=]

Charlie died in alpha 3 right, atleast thats what I though.

Final Fight 2 happens before SFA3, and if Charlie was with Guile (who cameos in France in FF2), then he would also thus be in France during that time. Of course, this all assumes that you’re willing to take what was likely just a “for fun” cameo as having actual storyline weight (Charlie doesn’t cameo in that background, but that doesn’t mean much because Charlie’s look wasn’t designed back then so of course he couldn’t cameo in the background)

That’s probably technically the only thing that could remotely qualify as “evidence” (and that’s still a stretch). Remy’s attacks really don’t since his attacks are light-based while Charlie’s is sound-based. The methods of drawing the ki out for them are very different, storyline-wise.

Plus Nash doesn’t want to be a “true warrior” he just fights his way to Vega or whatever.