Charlie Launch Infinite problems

So I do the launch [lp lk mp mk backbreaker combo] c.hp repeat []
But only 5 out of 10 times do I actually get the backbreaker and 3 ot of 10 try’s on lighter characters.
Is there any specific point I should look for the opponent to reach to grab them? or any timing tricks or button presses I love doing this combo but don’t often try it online because of my lack of consistency.

Nope, just a slight pause. if you can get it off once or twice, i would end it with backbreaker land lk cHP kick super into dhc IMO. (like storm for that big fat 80 percent

For charlie try…

Launcher, punch, kick, punch, then wait till the guy kinda flips then grab, charlies alot harder to get it with then Guile or Cammy.

Good way to follow that up is instead of picking him up after the lk on the ground, do a triple super straight after you do the lk.

If you can get that combo once, have huld and iron man on your team. Do the backbreaker combo, lk and triple and you will kill all if not most of the people you get it on.

Not to mention if you use the Guile anti air, hulks dash, and iron mans triple you will 85 percent damage and assist people that get caught in it die every time.