Charlie Murphy passes away after battle with Leukemia


“quit interrupting, we tryna make love”


It’s fucked up since his wife died from cervical cancer.


Rip. His stories were legendary


I was lucky enough to see him live along with Ashy Larry when they were doing comedy tours in NYC. Dude was funny AF.



What were those shows like? What did the camera not get to see kinda stuff?


i didn’t know he was sick. i thought this was a troll thread at first but then read the news. RIP


I saw the drastic weight loss he had on Black Jesus but attributed it to becoming vegan or adhering to some special diet. This is so unexpected, he contributed to some of the most hilarious moments on Chappelle’s Show and his anecdotes were legendary.

Rest In Peace Charlie…


Damn RIP. I didn’t know he was sick. Hopefully he’s sharing some pancakes with Prince.


RIP Charlie Murphy…


Yesterday I was watching The Player Haters Ball…remembering that Patrice O’Neal passed.
Now Charlie Murphy is gone.

Condolences to the Murphy family.

Rest in Peace and Power.


I cant believe he is gone B…



R.I.P. to a great storyteller.



WTF? This is a joke, right?

Please be a joke! :sad:



Yeah he looked really skinny on there. I thought maybe it had to do with him being in a bad place after his wife passed. Didn’t know he had Leukemia :frowning:



remember when charlie murphy use to post up on SRK?

i’ll remind you.


Yo why didn’t Black Jesus heal his boy Charlie Murphy? :sad:


He can ball with Prince and party with Rick James some more now. RIP


RIP :frowning: