Charlie Murphy passes away after battle with Leukemia


Yeah, Cancer is a serious thing. People die from it everyday. SRK memebers have died from it. Maybe you should rethink the quote below your avatar. A video game isn’t a horrific disease.


Yooooo for Real I remember when he was on the Chappelle Show how lean and muscled he was,now look!:


That shit really bothers me, cancer can really fuck up even the strongest of people. I remember him as Gusto from CB4.


I saw it first hand with dad. He dropped 50lbs in 6 weeks. I’m getting misty eyed thinking about it…


Shit, my mom actually just beat her throat cancer (caught real early), but she was dropping 6 or so pounds a week b/c of appetite from chemo and inability to eat anything but shakes from throat burns caused by radiation. Cancer is an evil fuck even if it doesn’t get you in the end.


Glad to hear your Mom beat cancer. I got too many friends who lost family to cancer, two who which lost their mothers to cancer.
My own mother beat Ovarian cancer, and my Aunt beat thyroid cancer.


The same way I’ll be posting here even if this site outlives me.


Damn, in that pic he looks like he’s in his 70’s!!



hmmm. i finally got the ventrilliquist joke after all these years. i never payed attention to the audience noise before that made me aware. and yea i know i misspelled ventrill…yunno. too busy eating to look up the word.


This one hit me hard…



hey that shit is classic…


Most people would say the light in our lives is now gone, but the murphy family thier darkess has now faded.

So long buddy. Would be keen to hear dave chappelles comments.


Let’s pray Eddie will never end sharing a same fate as his bro had. Amen -_- praying



dave mentions charlie’s passing here


Yo I miss this dude for real…
R.I.P Charlie Murphy…You was tough,funny and hella strong…Beat prince in BBALL in heaven champ…you derserve a game or two.


Sorry, wrong thread.


wrong thread i take it? lol