Charlie Murphy passes away after battle with Leukemia


Damn. Didn’t even know he was sick… That really sucks.

Since they come in threes, can Death do us a solid and take out Seth Rogen or Amy Schumer to balance the loss of Charlie Murphy and Don Rickles?


how did unknown reply to a 5 minute old thread 3 years ago?



I wondered why he had lost so much weight.

R.I.P thanks for the stories.


Fuck your couch, Unknown.


Damn that sucks. Hoping for a rematch with Prince in the sky.

@Pertho we got a bot


i was worried he was on drugs. i saw a pic of him a year or two, but had no context to why he looked so skinny…damn. rip


Leaving one unknowm so we can blame him for this travesty.


RIP Darkness

And fuck you Unknown, you commie piece of shit.


Darkness! Darkness is spreading. RIP to that one black guy before Wesley Snipes.

True tipbit, he used to be in the navy and fucked a dude on a submarine. Crazy, guy was hilarious.


Heaven’s china club is about to get an imprint of Rick James’s face on its bartop.




I saw him live last year and he was great. This sucks. R.I.P.


RIP Charlie.

Hopefully, he’s taking care of habitual line steppers at the pearly gates.


“Correction, I had sex with Katey.” will never not be one of my favorite lines from a sketch ever. RIP Charlie Murphy.


“quit interrupting, we tryna make love”


It’s fucked up since his wife died from cervical cancer.


Rip. His stories were legendary


I was lucky enough to see him live along with Ashy Larry when they were doing comedy tours in NYC. Dude was funny AF.



What were those shows like? What did the camera not get to see kinda stuff?


i didn’t know he was sick. i thought this was a troll thread at first but then read the news. RIP


I saw the drastic weight loss he had on Black Jesus but attributed it to becoming vegan or adhering to some special diet. This is so unexpected, he contributed to some of the most hilarious moments on Chappelle’s Show and his anecdotes were legendary.

Rest In Peace Charlie…