Charlie: My new-found love (ehem...)

Picking up where I left off, I want to talk about the assist and Morrigan & Gambit.

Charlie w/Morrigan Assist
Morrigan’s assist is more for lockdown, which can also be used for connects to supers. I use it for Charlie’s crossfire blitz super, lp/lk/hk/Morrigan/crossfire. Simple combo, and allows for DHC into Morrigan’s Soul Eraser or Darkness Illusion. Simple strats but all attacks add up in the end, right?
Charlie w/Gambit Assist
Gambit’s assist is about the same, but can be used for Charlie otg’s. Work on mixup like aerial combo grab, into another aerial combo or etc. Also, a more effective mixup is doing the aerial, grab (if they dont roll out) slash cross-up into launch. Seems like a lot, but its pretty easy to execute.

Morrigan Strats
One of my fav femme characters, and such a badass. Morrigan has a lot to offer, but practice is a must. Since this thread is mainly about Charlie, I’ll just mention a few things with both Morrigan & Gambit. One, work on otg’s for aerial combos. Combo w/Gambit xx Soul Eraser or Darkness Illusion. Bam, thats enough for Sultress…
Gambit Strats
Gambit simply can work on cross-up, Thats enough for this thread, hope you guys appreciated the advice…