i’ve been using them two for awhile now, but i wanted you guys to try them out to see what you think… .i use aa or proj. charlie and ground type sent… .

do you guys think they are pretty good paired wit eachother?.. .plz post your reasons on why or why not… .

Guiles a better character overall. guile AAA paired with sent works well both ways. Guile can run with sent drones covering him which does well against mag and sent can stomp with guile assist helping him out.

lol nice avatar Bucket

I’ve been using Charlie and sentinel on the same team. Hav’ent played them much against real opponents yet though, my charlie is kinda rusty.

Oh yeah! I used a team of Sentinel, Charlie, and cyclops, and whopped a formidable player, pretty good at my arcade today with 4 straight wins(11/06/06).

(He was using Megaman, bb hood, and guile)

Still rusty with charlie though, but i’m progressing along:wonder: