Charlie Tutorial Video

Here’s a charlie tutorial i just made i hope you guys enjoy, i might just do a write up and awnser questions soon.

You charlie people stay cool

here are two places to get it:

wow…im suprised no one has responded to this. it is a bit late, but i just viewed you charlie tutorial vid and i must say i enjoyed it very much…even though a lot of the stuff on the vid i already do/know about, it was still an entertaining video. so keep the vids and coolness coming.

oh and my charlie team: guile, gambit, charlie

how on earth do i get the file? navigating the first link is confusing, and second is broken.

I watched this vid about 15 times already. I just can’t dash right after the throw before they hit the ground. I’m still workin on my skills.

It’s on YouTube now, just search for Charle tutorial video