Charlie VC ender advice

I’ve been toying with Charlie in A3 and while I know he’s not exactly the best character in the game, he suits my play style almost perfectly.

My problem is I can’t seem to perform a reliable ender to the corner VC, I can sometimes get the shadows to nail the opponent after a and go into the crouch cancel series but sometimes they flip out, or drop because the height isn’t quite right or the character has a different hitbox or fall speed than others.

Can anyone recommend a consistent ender that’s flexible enough to be used during or after any VC regardless of % or distance once I get to the corner?

Also, I remember El_Diablo posting a video a long time ago showing off several ways to go into his crouch cancel series but can’t seem to find it anymore, if anybody can direct me to it I’d be eternally grateful.

Corner only. You’ll want to ensure that any midscreen VC you perform almost always reaches the corner by:

A- dashing as much possible after the standing Roundhouse and before the Somersault Shell

B- using the slightly farther-travelling Forward Somersault Shell

Roundhouse Somerault Shell x N-> gauge at approximately 5%-> crouching Jab-> shadow SS hits-> vertical jumping Strong/Short/ Fierce (if you know they’ll definitely not air recover)-> crouch cancelled vertical jumping Fierce x 2-> vertical jumping Roundhouse-> crouching Strong-> Roundhouse SS. Re-builds around 45% of the gauge.

Another variation; this time starting in the corner. Useful after a dizzy or a Guard Crush:

crouching Short/towards + Roundhouse-> Short Somersault Shell-> [close Fierce-> crouching Fierce-> whiffed Short SS] x n-> standing Jab-> jumping away Strong-> crouch cancel walk towards-> jumping towards Fierce-> vertical jumping Fierce x 2-> vertical jumping Roundhouse- crouching Strong-> Roundhouse Somersault Shell. The extra Fierce adds a little bit more to the gauge. Once you completed this, you can crouching Short (crouching Strong, if you’re against E.Honda) -> Roundhouse Somersault Shell the opponent’s attempt to roll, to fill the gauge to 50%. Or, if you think that they’ll not recover at all after the CC series, whiff a Short Somersault Shell.

All of the above use VC3.

Thanks alot middlekick, I’ll give those a try, the variation sounds familiar, I think I’ve seen someone do that to me before.

One thing though, you didn’t specify at which point the shadow should hit though in the variation to follow up into the jump back c.strong, or what shadow hit I’m looking for exactly, kinda throws me for a loop, mind elaborating a little bit? And if I know that they will flip out, what should I do?

And is there any particular advantage to doing [close Fierce-> crouching Fierce-> whiffed Short SS] as opposed to [close Roundhouse-> crouching Fierce-> whiffed Short SS]? I believe that what was used in Xenozips video.

Another thing that’s bugged me as far as crossover VCs go, with any character not just Charlie, it seems as if every time I try it, they get pushed too far for the c.RH to connect, or my combo breaks midway through. I believe Charlie’s is something like (VC1), c.RH, whiff f+FK, late crossup j.FK, c.SK, c.SP, c.SP, c.SK, c.RH, whiff f+FK etc, what exactly am I doing wrong, am I pressing it too fast, too slow, or is there some trick I’m not picking up on?

Also, if it’s not too much trouble, would it be possible to get a visual example of the two you gave, like a replay or something? I’d really appreciate it, I mean I know what’s out there, it just hasn’t really helped thus far, as they don’t really seem too practical in a match. Thanks again for your help.

More on the Roundhouse SS-> crouching Jab.

I believe this is escapable - meaning, they can air recover after the crouching Jab; but the general idea is, the combo works whether the opponent does or does not air recover. If timed correctly, the shadows from the Roundhouse SS hit almost immediately after the opponent recovers, making them almost unblockable - perhaps completely - and granting you a chance to jump and CC them.

The stand Jab-> jumping Strong, if timed precisely is an inescapable set-up. However, in the situation where your timing isn’t spot-on, the jumping Strong should hit them at the exact point where they flip, allowing for a really-hard-to-block jump attack that nets you the CC opportunity.

I find it easier and I am personally more accustomed to it. But I think the close Roundhouse version does more damage.

No idea. I’ve little experience with that particular VC. Perhaps you could try asking the combo’s author. ;).

I really appreciate the quick reply, can’t thank you enough.

I think my biggest problem is when to go into the ender before the CC series, like I finish my combo at different points all the time, I always get confused as to what to do at what point, and if the combo doesn’t finish during a certain % in the bar the shadows miss or don’t come out at all.

Any advice as to what to get into the habit of doing on a regular basis at any point to always ensure the shadows hit at the end of the combo?

One more thing just to clarify, when we say close Fierce, you mean the neutral standing backfist right, not back+fierce which looks almost like his c.fp?

Yeah, I know what you mean. All I can suggest is, to perform the combo more (in training and in versus), play more and think about, when it doesn’t work, what you can do to correct it; and then try it. Over time you’ll naturally know when you can go for the finisher and when it’s better to do something else. Also, try to keep in mind, just how late you can go into the set-up, which will give you a lot more confidence in your knowledge of when you’ll definitely get it. Did I say play more?

Nope. I mean close Fierce, which is peformed by back+Fierce.

I have a question when i crouch cancel after landing and go for the j.hp it passes right through them most of the time does anyone know why this is.

What version of the game are you playing?

The only reason it would pass through them is if the crouch cancel failed and the juggle limit was met.

Are you counter hitting them with the jump MP?

I’m playing practice mode on ps2 alpha anthology with flip recovery on

I’m new to crouch canceling… I mean I know about it but i’m just now trying to effectively use it so i may be messing it up, however in arcade mode 7 out of 10 times i can get the j.fierce to connect whereas in practice mode i can get it to hit 1 out of 10 tries.

Kyokuji can you elaborate on the counter hit j.strong. Sometimes there is a counter hit effect but i don’t know how to duplicate it.