Charlie vids

I will be posting some games at the local arcade from my digi cam. Sorry about the poor quality, i forgot to set it for a higher rez; I had it set @ 160 x 112, now I learned how to set it for 320 x 240 (HQX) which should be better on youtube.

Me: Charlie Doom Capcom vs Mummy Jin Shuma

key points, notice my charlie lock downs in the corner ^^
Like I said, I’ll have some better quality vids tomorrow.



I’ve seen you play charlie in person @ the NO tournaments. Your charlie is good but you have the wrong team. I’m telln you should pick charlie ron on the real. Then you would seriously wreck some shop. Its hard to work charlies ground overhead off of doom rocks.

since you like low tier, there’s nothing really wrong with charlie\ insert AA ron.

I recommend morrigan, cammy, guile, cyclops or even cable. Charlie pratically get any character in safely as I’m sure you know off a dhc.

I thought tron was Bad manner?

^haha no way buddy. Especially when youre fighting Magneto. Props to you for that.

No shame in dropping Tron assist when everybody already perceives you at a disadvantage. I can’t think of any top tier strategy thats not cheap so i’d say run with it homey.

charlie tron cyke? cyke tron should help vs any trap teams i may encounter


Or if you dig a double Flashkick kinda team you could still run Charlie/Guile/Tron. AFAIK shoultz has wacky Charlie/Tron stuff posted somewhere. Pretty easy to figure some stuff out though, jump up HK plus Tron for an over head, and then your 2 different TK banana kicks can either pressure or cross-up/switch sides backed by Tron.

ANY AA that likes Tron when on point is worth trying though. Wolvie, Chun, Cammy, Ken too good.

Looking at your approach though, you might dig Charlie/BBHood/Doom. No Tron but you could play a lockdown kinda game with BB/Doom and Charlie on point can fullscreen BB missile assist plus Sonic boom and hide behind 2 projectiles.

Actually, im gonna steal that team haha, Red Riding Hoods blowing up lately.

I played you if you remember me. I was the strider\doom guy out there.

fuck what people say. If people say its too cheap, just keep stacking those wins up. Charlie ron is a real deal team vs anything.

on the real though, some of that charlie shit you were doing was fucking amazing and if you put tron in the picture, I guarantee you you’ll be able to beat chris\pat\duane occasionally.

as far as teams goes, charlie\cyke AA ron is fucking god like vs anything. Its actually a top tier team w\ a little defense.

learn your ground strings into tron for 50\50. You can mix up your tron calls for b+rh into rings for a free combo. Then you get a knockdown after the air combo and work options.

Yeah, I remember you. We talked about the ace throw also.
I beat Chris once tonight using Charlie Storm Cammy vs his rowtron that he has been using @ the arcade recently. I’ll check out using tron though; matter of fact, there is this one kat who uses storm tron and that monkey hoe son son. He does pretty well with his mix ups though.

pick charlie\cammy ron since you can play cammy already. That team is fucking god like.

If you get a banana kick on block,, b+rh. That should do a block string into an overhead. If tron rings hit, you should be able to follow it up with an air combo. You can use that setup too on the ground. Learn other setups too like, call tron,, then b+rh. Once they start respecting that ground overhead, fake it and go low. Its annoying to deal with.

You have safe dhc’s. All you gotta do is boom super with charlie, wait for a big set to appear, then dhc KBA. That shit is safe on block.

If you get a chance to hit confirm, do his flash kick super into KBA for big life.

I know you’ll be able to hang if you get tron on your team because you’ll be able to threaten them for big life. Anyone who tells you tron is too cheap to use is a fucking idiot. Don’t listen to them and just destroy the hell out of them w\ it.

Cool. Any tips for my charlie as for as execution is concerned?

:rofl: HELL NO! dood, I saw you doing double riple rh banana kick from like TK SJ height. I’m positive you can execute that shit properly already. You just gotta learn the strings that allow you to beast. Next time i’m in the NO, get @ me man. We will sit in training mode and we can work it out because I like low tier too.

oh yea, work on banana kick wiff it into air d+lk. The d+lk crosses up so figure out those angles for easy shit. If you want to see it work, get next to your opponent and do a mid SJ height lk banana into d+lk. That should be the perfect angle for you to see it cross up. If it hits, its comboable into something+tron. If its blocked, tron series into ground overhead. Yea they might block it from time to time but if you keep it fresh with different setups, you can’t block it consistently enough.

Your charlie is a beast already. Just picky charlie\cammy ron for a while and see what good comes of it. That team is boderline top tier imo.

thanks, i’ll make some bison vids next ^^
Did you ever see ishiyama’s vids? some brazillian dude who uses bison mag and doom


ALSO, is the first vid quality okay? i can either film a bunch like that or 1 or 2 of the better quality ones on my old digi cam with 32mb of space =/ I’ll buy a chip sometime later though.

The quality on the vid is ok. Your charlie is comparable to mine as I like to do the flip kicks as well. Also I like to use Doom on my team as well as I do the flip kicks in the air while I call out Doom for some chippage. Usually I have Charlie, Doom, Blackheart…using BH’s Anti Air or Ground assist. My main arsenal(if it connects the opp) for Charlie is SJ and then do RH, SK, RH flip kicks to cross up the opp then come in with crouching sk, sk, fp calling DOOM, rh flip kick and if that last little rock hits do the kick super(forgot what it’s called). Hmmm I might try Tron’s assist but gotta work on playing her first.

Updated these are more of the poor quality vids.

[media=youtube]Ec9dshI8eYU[/media] More Charlie on mummy action
[media=youtube]EtnUnrZJtGg[/media] Charlie takes on juggy ( This dude likes to assist horde all day, block n counter with assist alllll day) =P
[media=youtube]_uIOuKh-ky8[/media] Charlie vs the juggy guy again

Depends how you want to play & expectations of others. If you’re hoping to have a more balanced match-up without your opponent busting out his cheapest stuff, tron may not be a good idea. For example i usually try to play a reasonable team without excessive cheesiness for the sake of semi-“fairplay” with friends/others, such as Bison/Charlie/Ryu.

This helps keeps things fun and bitching from others to a minimum.

I have no mercy for Tron users though and if someone walks up to the machine thinking they can push me around with that assist, my team turns into charlie/blackheart/samurai and they feel the pain. Good luck trying to corner blackheart to use the magic-button assist, not gonna happen lol.

Besides you only pick & rely on assists like tron if you want to win and don’t care how, and in that case you might as well not bother with tron and pick someone like Sent or cable instead.

So yes it is sorta “bad manner”.

Whoa you aren’t kidding, those are even worse than the other vids you put up earlier(quality-wise).

I think I will look into charlie storm cable, I do like charlei sent cap tho. I like using cable with charlie’s aa assist since it arcs with his down hp