Charlie's Anti Air Sucks =P

Just letting you guys know in case you haven’t noticed it misses crouching storm and mags no matter what the distance

this is rh version only but since that’s his assist version it’s important

you may want to consider balance/projectile type but anti air is still pretty good

yeah, i noticed that a long time ago when i was comparing his aa to guiles. on a side note, i believe his does a little more damage than guiles.

Who uses Charlie’s assist anyway?
Last time I checked, Guile and Ken owned him in the assist department anyday…

Lately i’ve been making an effort to use more characters, especially those that NOONE else at my arcade picks.

And since one of the rival players almost always picks guile as his rush-down machine of choice, i thought i’d counter with my own character. Being Charlie.

Charlie is more stylish looking than guile too, IMO. Also guile “throws/swings” his attacks out, whereas charlie is more “DIRECT” with slightly FASTER straight-forward hits.

Oh man…its ALOT worse than that, and not just mags or storm. Just tested it and: Iron Man, War Machine, psylock, guile, jill along with quite a few others. It does’ent hit them!!:wasted:

Actually it definitly “hits” them, but for some reason it passes through them with no effect like they’re ghosts. Pretty crappy glitch for charlie. Not enough of a reason to stop using him though:wgrin:

BTW this was the PS2 version i tested on.