Charlotte, NC 06.14.08

Lots of thanks to the people who showed up. Small crowd, but I had fun.

Don’t have the Smash results, hopefully Zamuel has them.

All tournaments were Round Robin–


  1. Shiki 5-0 (K-Mai, Sagat, Raiden, Joe)
  2. Loborine 4-1 (K-Ryu, Cammy, Sagat)
  3. Face 3-2 (C-Cammy, Ken, Sagat)
  4. Priest 2-3 (K-Kim, Bison, Balrog, Blanka)
  5. Darklight 1-4 (K-Nakoruru, Morrigan, Hibiki)
  6. Kombokaze 0-5 (Random)

1–Lobo 6-0
2–KomboKaze 5-1
3–Justin 4-2
4–Voljetay 2-4
4–Shiki 2-4
6–Darklight 1-5
6–Priest 1-5

3rd Strike:
1–Lobo 7-0 (Ryu, Yang)
2–Face 6-1 (Chun)
3–Darklight 4-2 (Ryu)
4–KomboKaze 3-3 (Ryu)
5–Priest 2-4 (Alex)
6–Shiki 1-5 (Alex, Q)
7–Voljetay 0-6 (Akuma)

Everyone was unanimously agreed that the venue was great. Hope to see more people in the future, as I believe that there’s tons of potential with the place.

Oh yeah, and I’m never playing 3rd Strike again. The game can be fun to watch when there’s a lot on the line with two good players (the last Lobo-Face match was pretty hype) though.

wow ya’ll had marvel going on?

I should of came and got a free $7 :bgrin:

If it’s Charlotte, we gotta have Marvel.

But Lobo was pretty beastly yesterday, don’t sleep on the dude…

Yeah me and Lobo had some hype MM’S. We were beefin for fun to get it hyped

The Venue does have potential , and It has lots of space. With HD TV’S in every corner. We also had the game on the projector for a while

HYPE Moments.


Kaze vs Face Lobo was depending on me to beat face so he gets auto win ROFL turn out was 1-2 =(

Looking for more tournaments that are as convenient as this one. With the constant food.AIR CONDITIONING!!! AND WIDE AMOUNT OF SPACE AND PLACES TO SIT… WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN PPL

dope stuff kombo!

New venue…hmmm.

I’m gonna go play some 3rd Strike. GS Lobo. Oh and also GS to Jibbo from winning one of the 3S tourneys last time. GS to Shiki in CVS2 also. Didn’t even know he played. Keep that NC tourney scene hype.

great games… .sorry i had to leave shiki… i just dont like playing a game, i dont know how to play… maybe if i had money in it… i probably would feel more compled to stick around… but
free tournies seem like a waste of time to me.

Nah, I understand…but I hope you never go to Japan. Nearly all tournaments over there are free…even SBO winners don’t get any cash.

It’s just that money doesn’t motivate me at all. Of course winning money is nice, but I feel mostly the same whether I win nothing, $6, or $60…

Have to disagree with you there. :bgrin:

Congrats El Ryu.

Free tourney? WTF, I have the sudden urge to go take a dump jk. LOL anyway gs to mr Loborine including full brackets and match videos. :tup:

I wish I got more vids since I didn’t get to record any of your stuff and I missed out on on a few of ours that happened before the finals (heh, I want a rematch with Voljetay). As KomboKaze noticed, we tried to have the overhead projector going but seemed to hate our soul (or at least it hated the Wii since the computer portion was working fine). And yeah, I can get free food (“the hookup…”) and Marvel. I just hate that I didn’t get much of a chance to participate much in the traditional fighting game stuff coughletyalltakemymoneycough due to being the TO for the Brawl half of the room.

Regardless, good stuff. With Mindboggle gone, we need to get more stuff set up in Charlotte. I’ll have to check times but it would be nice to have an event late July.

i didnt see any results for tekken im assuming that wasnt too hype or even going on…wish that would change i wish i coulda made it tho