Charlotte,NC biweekly...9/6 mvc2/sc2


hey sup guys, i can’t fall asleep so im just gonna post up the results. tourney went well. we had a nice turn out for both games. i was suprised at sc2 for having as many people as it did and it went by fairly quickly.

mvc2(15 people)
1st. shaun banks…charlotte storm/cable/cap…ran the whole time but who can blame him. u play to win right.
2nd. darick perez…charlotte every team in the book…i felt pretty bad for darick. he had a chance but i guess he finally broke down after shaun started running wit storm. people can talk shiet but its kewl. good shiet darick.
3rd. d-bop(deebo)…charlotte congrats on makin top 3
4th. michael nguyen…augusta,ga waiting for a rematch!! lol jp
5th. israel barker…charlotte
5th. jimmy robertson…charlotte
7th. david om…charlotte
7th. don kim…aug
9th. michael stinimere…durham
9th. brandon swett…charlotte
9th. cameron jones…aug
9th. sora a…aug
13th. michael johnson…aug
13th. nam nguyen…aug
13th. david watkins…aug

sc2(14 people)
1st. charles smith…durham
2nd. kevin huang…durham
3rd. smeesh…chapel hill
4th. samurai x…durham
5th. king lo…winston salem
5th. ronald huffao…greensboro
7th. micheal stinimere…durham
7th. david rhodes…greensboro
9th. justin bickley…charlotte
9th. tomas zachary…fayetteville
9th. jose hernadez…charlotte
9th. patrick…charlotte
13th. darick perez…charlotte
13th. matther burnett…charlotte

i just wanna thank everyone that showed up. especially the aug peeps. u guys did good. also for all the out of towners that showed up for sc2. u guys flew through the brackets like crazy. goodo shieto u guys. turn out was good, weather was great, people were kewl, it was fun. until next time u guys.



Damn shaun, stop beasting!


SC2 was mad fun. Good Tournament Director for it. :lol: :wink:

Rush Down Scrub mad fun chillin wit ya and you ran mvc2 good.


haha sure…shaun beasting…haha


*Originally posted by rush_down_skrub *

haha sure…shaun beasting…haha

Why u hating on my game(David).Just because u can’t finish top 5 is not my problem.Stop trying to act like we cool in person and then talk sh#t on srk about the way i play marvel.Ha ha that (u rush down scrub).Stop being 2 faced.Get another team to u have 2 be decent to play msp(stop getting psylocke raped as a assist).lol


well no one is here is trying to be 2 faced. im not talking shiet either. if u think running is beasting then its kewl. i mean, u played to win but when issac did that shiet to dee, that wasn’t kewl then. but no ones complaining. mad probs for representing charlotte. i aint mad atcha.



I just wanna speak my mind on the whole Shaun “running” topic.

First off Derrick won the winners finals against Shaun and sent him to the losers bracket.

Then (after Shaun beat me) he went up against Derrick in the winners grand finals. Derrick won the first 3 matches straight, that ment he only had to win ONE more match to take the tourny but Shaun beat him 7 straight to come out on top.

Now if anyone wants to say Shaun was running they are wrong, he was playing smart, would anyone in their right mind allow someone to do what they want in a match and beat you?

Shaun just didnt let Derrick catch him with what he wanted. So by default thats running? kinda dumb sounding.

And if Shaun adapted to Derricks strat after losing 3 straight in the winners grand finals what kept Derrick from doing the same?

Furthermore no one said anything about when Derrick tried to “RUN” from Shaun, which he did.

Plus if Shaun was running so much just to win his games, then why was he connecting so many nasty combo’s, crossups and guardbreaks with all his characters? answer me that.

I just had to clear this up for all that might not get the whole picture.



hey sup guys, sorry if u guys felt like i was flaming shaun. i really wasn’t. i give shaun mad props for beating darick and getting first. it just shows how charlotte is getting better. plus he got his revenge from that last last last tourney.

i just wanna say that from wat i saw and understood, it kinda seemed like running. all i saw was storm in the air a lot and floating down. i mean darick’s defense was shietty also. he couldn’t block coming down fierces up the ass. thats wat cost him all those matches. plus things like eric tearing him down and a chunk of his finger missing from mashing. he just basically broke down and didn’t noe wat to do. i just hope theres no bad air floating around cause i aint trying to start a flame war or anything to mess up the charlotte scene.

but like i said, he played to win. im not mad or trying to shiet or hate on shaun or anything like that. mad props.

i dont mind seeing psylocke getting raped…as long as im raping her!! spanks that ass



Well no matter who was running EVERYONE RUNS every now n then. People do wat they can to win,if u feel that u have to run to win then run. It just seems that alot of players like straight on fights and not a running battle that ends up with a time out.( im not talkn bout the matches between shaun and derick, i mean in general)
Every one has their own game strat and if the opponent cant adjust to the situation then too bad for him. But then when someone does the same thing to you wat are u going to say then? Wat if you cant adjust to the situation?No one should think they are so ALMIGHTY cuz there will alwayz be someone out there that can beat u. :lame:


who the fuck is legendarydragon? and where the fuck is crunkville? get the fuck out of our thread!!



I am who i am dont worri bout me cuz u cant handle me,if u dont noe where crunkville is then u are :lame:! Like i said u cant handle me! Tryn responding back when my MSP stops beating u! HAHA LOL!



Adding my 2 cents…

For all you people gettin on dave, get the fuck off his nuts. How can you say he’s complaining about someone running when he was the only person sticking up for me when i ran from dee? What’s ever stupider than that was that i ran from dee for only one match, and everyone gets on my nuts about it.

For the people complaining about running, let’s look at it from a tactical perspective. Lets say you have msp , and the other person has random/cable/random anti air assist. You kill their first character with magneto, and dhc into storm. Now you’re facing cable/anti air assist. You have 2 options:rush or run. Chances are cable will have at least 2-3 levels, and paired with an anti air assist that equals death. Why would you want to rush a cable(or any character for that matter) that has meter and an anti air assist? The chances of you winning are MUCH greater if you run, and since money is on the line, niggas play to win. Why do you think so many people win by running? It’s more effective, especially in marvel, which is such a random game. This is like basic marvel strategy, if you can’t beat this, don’t bother playing.

Can’t wait till major, lookin foward to seein everyone again :smiley: .


Mixup posting…id like to see that fool run from a real magneto…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell them Mike:D :smiley:


Mike, hit me up on aim, you should try and come to this.


yes, yes u should!!!