Charlotte, NC [July 26, 2003] Mindboggle

The tourney went great. Wish the turnout would have been larger, but a lot of people couldn’t make the last minute. Only suggestion would be not to have someone who is entered in 3 games fight the first matches in 2 of them. Other than that, great job.

The results from the tourney:


1st Isaac Graham [MSP] MD
2nd Arturo Sanchez [Storm/Sent/CapCom] NY
3rd Josh Williams [Strider/Cable/Doom] NC


1st Arturo Sanchez NY
2nd Lucious Clayton NC
3rd Jody MD???


1st Arturo Sanchez NY
2nd Eric Lee MD
3rd June Ro GA [ATL]


1st Bane GA [ATL]
2nd Aaron NC
3rd Eric Lee MD

Didn’t get any footage of the CvS2 finals/3S

Have MvC2 and TTT. Sometime soon, I’m going to make a sort of trailer and have it up on Direct Connect’s hub.

Final thoughts: I’m tired as fuck! We just got in at 5:20, got held up a couple of times and we even left a little early!! :eek: Well, I’m off to sleep… until the kids wake up… around 7!! Sucks to be me huh? Take care all.


Good job to everyone that placed top 3 in 3rd strike. What happend with Eric W. “Earwig”? Also good shit to my hommie bane in TTT. My boy LU got 2nd in cvs2. Good shit dog. I wish I could have went because it sounds like it was mad fun.:cool:

I would like to know the top 10 if anyone has the full results of all of the games.:slight_smile:

likewise, congrats to the winners. sorry the tournout wasn’t that great but we unemployed folk can’t hang with ya’ll as much as we’d like to. :frowning:

i remember art and lu’s match down at fr6, i wish i could have seen the finals this time too.

well, someone post up when you get the chance with the full results.


Nice tournament and the turnout was not disappointing to me (it was hot as a MF’er and stank worse with all those peeps)
I think Earwig suffered from stick rejection just like me…I saw him miss easy parries that I’ve seen him pull out flawlessly before . Personally I missed a few myself and quite a few supers but I’ll get my re-match with JC one day:evil:

nice event in all and it was good to see all the NC guys again .


I really wish I could have made it, but its good to see those results. Way to go Lu! Can’t wait to see the full results.

Later peeps.

I skrubbed out… eh… what else is new? :lol:

But that’s OK, just means I got to mingle and chat a little more… :cool:

Good to see all the faces old & new. Congrats to the winners and also to my Durham headz (good showing, way to go Lu!).

Also a special thanks to the staff (who were obvioulsly & understandably tired around 11-ish). Excellent job.

Thanks for the fans too, can you imagine what it would have been like in there without them? :eek:

Until next time, people…

Great Tourney!!!

Wow!!! They tournament was great. I was really pleased with how everything was run. I was especially pleased with my performance in cvs2. If I had of played like I did the last tournament, then I probably would have walked out and killed somebody. It looks Like MD Placed in every tourney. Good job guys. Next time NC is gonna have to do that :lol: :eek: . Good job NC.

Arturo: Great shit in CvS2. You are just too good for us down here. Next time we’ll give you mroe comp :lol: :lol: . Hope you had a safe trip back to NY.

June: We’ll have to run that tournament match back next time around.

Shaun and Wayne: Don’t worry about it dawgs. Y’all just got tough breaks. I know that y’all are better than me.

Jea: Thanks for th A2 session. I really learned a lot. Mabye next time we can get down on that again.

Jim: Youu are always cool as shit. Gotta play some ST again.

Rod: Much thanks again for bringin my azz down to Charlotte.

Fay crew: It was always good chillin with y’all. I know David wants a rematch. I’ll give hime one next time since he probably should’ve won his match against me.

Art and Lu good shit in CvS2!

June always reppin ATl in 3s!

wish i was there but i was in ATL at a Phish show, which also was too good


whoa JIVE what happaned anyone have full results

Great tourney

Good tourney people!!

I enjoyed myself and met a lot of really cool people. Love hanging with you guys. Even if i’m not use to the sticks and get smacked around all day, I stillhave fun just being there. The heat isn’t as bad as it was last time. However, the funk was very dominate this go around. I’ll try to get the movies up sometime shortly, or send the tapes off to someone. Right now, im hella tired. I taped a lot of SF3S and the MvC2 finals. Would have stayed for SF3S finals but it was getting to late. Hope everyone got home safely, and it was good meeting you all. Hope to be there next time.

  • sixtymhz [the whiteboy video taping]

I think it was you I faced in the second round of losers bracket ( I played urien to your Ken…correct?)
If possible I would like a copy of ALL your 3S footage preferrably straight to VHS
PM me with the specifics…I can probably trade some other 3S footage for you in return


congrats to Lu on CvS2 (meant to mention that earlier) and to June on 3S

oh and big props to Rod and his Lower Tier Greatness…I hate to see Jae eliminated but it’s cool to see Lower Tier take a big win

3S –
1.) arturo sanchez [ny]
2.) eric lee [md]
3.) june ro [ga]
4.) jose h. [nc]
5.) khang trinh [md]
7.) brian mai [nc]
7.) eric williams [ga]

overall, competition was better this time than last time. turnout was not. :stuck_out_tongue:

highlights –
my match vs derek nash [akuma vs yang] – scared the crap outta me. :frowning:
my match vs arturo [yun/akuma vs ken/ryu] – arguably the most heated match of the evening, arturo pulls away the win with ex fireball chip damage. regretful that i didn’t do an air hurricane to seal the win before that. :bluu:
june ro vs eric lee – june wins in losers 3-1 – eric redeems self by beating june 3-1 in losers finals.

shinblanka: eric lost to nhan [dudley] in 2nd round winners, and then later lost to jose [chun li] in losers. i didn’t watch the losers match, but he got raped pretty badly in winners. mistiming of dudley’s jump in roundhouse cost him much. bitter he was.

60mhz: please capture and make a vid of my match vs arturo and derek please. i have to study myself. :slight_smile:

team magic stick representing! :lol:

OMG I just got home and I am tired as fuck. I really enjoyed the competition down there. Like always I am waiting for the next tourney.

I can’t wait to see the vids of 3S and TTT.

Particular matches are the ones with me vs June and Art in 3S and me vs Bane in TTT (I still can’t believe Heiachi ran back and forth in the background without tagging, shit was too funny…good shit Bane.) Definitely the match with Khang vs Arturo is the highlight match of the 3S tournament.

I would also like to see full results when they are available.

Arturo I’ll get you next time, good job.

I’ll post more shout outs later.

team Magic Stick representing :smiley:

Man, next time we go from MD to NC, we’re leavin mad early so we can get some sleep =.

Great tournament. I don’t know why people were saying things about the turnout, every game had like 20-25. Great time, got to meet a lot of new heads and the atmosphere was great. Loved the super powered fans on top of marvel and house of the dead 2 :smiley: . Arturo, great shit man. I don’t care what anyone says, you still have shit in mvc2, i’m a believer now. Thanks for the great matches in the final and all the tips.

Rotendo and 60mhz: Keep us updated on vid status :slight_smile:

Hope to see everyone at evo!

Team MAGIC STICK son!!!

It was a pretty good tournament. I am dissapointed in my performance in 3s and CVS2. I should have one my matches in both of those games but it’s all good, just have to better myself and I will. Watch out world, Gimpy is coming back strong!!!:smiley: It was also cool to see the Atl crew and others who I already seen before. And yes I was living up to my sig again.:lol: Congrats to all those who came out. And long live Bourbon Chicken in the mall’s food court. :smiley:

Team MAGIC STICK representing :cool:

That has to be the weirdest tournament I’ve ever been to. Not cause of how it was run or anything but because everybody from ATL did not play nearly as well as we could. Everybody was fucking exhausted. But that’s how shit goes. It was still an enjoyable experience despite the fact that the majority of it was a haze for me due to being exhausted. I was definitely not myself. I was distracted the majority of the time and couldn’t focus on shit. I finally ended up sleeping next to the 3s machine for about an hour. Free play after the tournament was tight as fuck though. Props to the mind boggle staff for that. We appreciate you guys letting us play there for not only the tournament, but afterwards as well. That was very cool.

I wanted to hit the sticks with a baseball bat on the 3s machine.

Losing your match in the losers bracket cause you had to piss so bad is what G’s do. Write that down and remember it.

Anyway, it was great seeing everybody again. Makes me wish we still had an arcade in Atlanta. I also enjoyed meeting everybody I haven’t had the opportunity to meet before. You MD cats are hard. We were all feeling exhausted, and you guys drove twice as long as we did. If any of the people I met on saturday see me at Evo, make sure to holla at a cracka.

Arturo is the greyhound warrior. Remember that shit. I’ll see you at Evo, yo.

I’m thankful there were fans though, cause it was hot as fuck. Whoever came to the tournament stinking, jesus christ, have some god damned compassion for your fellow man. I couldn’t get to the 3s machine for about an hour cause I was blocked by the Wall of Funk between the TTT machine and 3s. I give props to those of you that had to stand in the middle of that without passing out. I don’t know how you guys played with the Wall of Funk as a distraction.

KafGaira (6:33:18 PM): sup man, how was charlotte?
RoninChaos (6:33:35 PM): long. Very tiring. I was out of it for like the entire time. I was not myself
KafGaira (6:33:47 PM): no couch, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:
RoninChaos (6:34:10 PM): hell no. I slept by the backdoor by the 3s machine.

Oh man, that puts a lot into perspective.


lol leigh – everyone was cracking when you were like, “MAN I NEED TO FUCKING PEE!” hahahhaha…:wink:

yea, you have to expect exhaustion when you travel to a tourney [lest you get to it the night before] – i was since friday morning at 7am, which makes that more than 40 hours of no rest. :*( i did relatively well for that though – casual was fun. people thought i switched to alex from akuma or something, lol :smiley:

concerning the 3S sticks, yea, problems arose. especially during my match with arturo. thing couldn’t transition from back to down properly, which is crucial when the guy likes to cross up jab short jab :stuck_out_tongue: angling on the left side is always hard, because your left hand is not aligned with the joystick. so 45 degrees might not be 45 at all.

dooboy and earwig held up pretty well. i’m sure earwig’s problems in the tourney had something to do with the ‘away-on-arcade’ factor. after all, you guys are console warriors :smiley: …now that i think about it…we are too. i wish we had an arcade as 1/2 as good as mindboggle…:mad:

Damn Isaac, this ni99a is too good. Putting MD back on the map, congrats bro, wish i was there to get sec.

Congrats to Arturo for being the overall winner in the tourny

“real men plays with MSP” and whatever i say in qoute is written in stone

Anyone want VHS tapes, Im sure Rodo and I will be glad to make copies. A SF3S and a MvC2 tape. Uncut, no editing or anything.

Please keep in mind… no CVS2, and Sf3S finals. Sorry guys, just two cameras and not enough time. One important note, im not a professional with the camera yet, so if its all shaking or cuts off, its because people bump me or stepped on the cord and the camera shut off. (happened during the mvc2 finals, blah… but rodo has full center on that, no worries)

Anyways, anyone who wants VHS, lets us know. We will work something out. Not a problem.

And Yes, that was my frist time playing SF3S in a tourney. I enjoyed it a little more than MvC2 :frowning:

I’ll have a short preview vid in mpg format up soon on goforbroke hub on direct connect withing the next … 2 or so hours… so you’ll know when it’s up if I’m logged in DC. Peace.