Charlotte, NC. New Years Beat Down

Happy New Year, let’s fight!

Time: Saturday, January 22, 2011 · 12:00pm - 10:00pm

$10 door fee
$10 for majors event, Tekken and Street Fighter.
$5 minors, side tournaments are to be determined

Game Reapers New Location!
11132 Downs Rd.
Pineville, NC

Systems: Xbox 360 and PS3
If there is conflict with systems, i.e. both players want to play on different systems, the system used will be chosen by a coin toss involving both players.

Best out of three rounds and best out of five for all finals brackets (winner and losers)
No character lock!


Looks like Tournamento worked good for the brackets so we’ll go with those again. Only problem I had with it is that we can not add people to the bracket once it is started. I am working on a solution for this.

Super Street Fighter 4
Tekken 6
3rd Strike
Super Turbo HDR
KOF, version to be determined. What is the most popular one that we should do?

Bring your own setup and run your own tournament if you like. If you want to just let me know in the posts so we can plan for it.

We are working on recording matches and eventually we will be streaming.

Look forward to seeing all of you out there.

We need systems. PS3 and 360. First 2 with each system gets their venue waived.

We need copies of the games. I need copies of all the games. Doesn’t matter what system but do need it for both.
If we use your copy you will get $5 off of your venue fee.

Post up in the forums what you can bring.

Here’s the link to the Facebook page. Go there if you would like to be added to our list so we can send you an invite for future ones.!/event.php?eid=142112865838799

So far awayyyyyyyy! Should be able to make this though.

I know right. At least we have time to plan. You going to make Lucky’s?

C’mon Schixo, it’s only like a 40 minute drive for you man. I’ll be there Tactiks.

Well if both Schix and Steel are going then I’m going to try and come to then. I don’t have any plans for that day so I should make it, see everybody there.

I should be able to make it to this and it’s nice that it isn’t too far.

Ready to rumble

Sing me up… Should be bringing a few others…

So us up.

Da Wasian- Tekken 5, 3rd strike.

Wrath- Tekken 5, Street Fighter 4.

Werdna- Tekken 5, Street Fighter 4.

Whats up with Smash?
I know its a ladies game, but my buddies like it. o.O;;

We were talking about running smash. We may still. Let us see how it’s going and what the turn out looks like. Can smash be run on a flat screen or is lag an issue?

I’ll be there almost definitely. I need a rematch against Ace’s Guy!

I would assume KOF: 2002 Unlimited Match would be the version to run.

Couldnt tell ya mang.

Smash Bros

I’m working on Smash Bros right now, more info on it at the end of next week and they use CRTs also. Frame rate issue with LCDs so again more info coming soon. Xs Underground is on a mission to make Charlotte the #1 Spot for gamers in the mid east… Peace Out Homies for now.

I definitely plan on going to this one. The last tourney was well ran.

Thanks for the complement buddy

Glad you had a good time. We look forward to doing it again. It will only be good things from now on :wink:

What did everyone think about the dual system setup? Did it work well or should we go back to just ps3?

I think a dual setup is best as long as you have enough systems. It allows more people to enter if they bring their own sticks which is good in the long run.

I would prefer one system due to the timing differences of the system. I’ll try to make it if I’m not busy with school.

What time does registration start and end?

We are still talking about times at this moment, as soon as we figure it out we let everyone know but as of right now we are leaning towards, for the “Main Events” 2:30pm Ssf4 Start and a 4:30pm Start on Tekken 6

Registration begins at noon. We will be having casuals till we start. I am thinking of running the smaller ones first and starting SF at 330 or 4 so it gives people enough time to get registered. I am working on a schedule right now. It will basically go by what games run the fastest/longest.

I have been taught how to run Tornamento so we will be using it instead of chalonge.

Can’t wait. Going to be a big tourney.