Charlotte, NC. New Years Beat Down

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Didnt see this posted on TZ. If it was srry.

Thank you

Thanks bro. I forgot about TZ. I haven’t been on there in a while. Is SD tekken a good spot to post too?

Right now If I can get somebody or multiple people to come with me again, you can count on me to be there… I will try to update closer to the date.

The tournament is only one week away. Get hyyyyypppppeeeee!!! BTW, have you guys found someone to stream matches with yet. I’ve got some HD streaming equipment and mics I can bring, if you guys waive the venue fee for me :slight_smile: I can also provide a 360 setup with SSFIV,BBCS and Tekken 6.

That is def something we want to start doing. However, it is a little to close to figure it out. I don’t think they have the bandwidth to stream. I will def give you a shout for the next one and we can hammer out the details on what we need to do it.

as far as the set up goes, bring it and if we need it then we can waive the venue for you. Just holla at me at the tournament. Look for the good looking one, lmao!

Im gonna try and make this.

Well looks like I have next Saturday off so I’ll definitely make it.
We’ll be running KOF 2002 UM and HDR for sure. I can also help out with other games, too. We definitely will have enough people for Blazblue so all you BB players come out!

Freak’n sweet Shiki. Glad to have your help. Only 1 week left. See you all there.

Who’s bringing dat Arcana???


If someone could bring a copy of AH3, that would be awesome. I’ve yet to get a chance at playing that game :frowning:

I’m including the following pot bonuses for KOF 2002 UM:

1st) $20
2nd) $10
3rd) $5

So step your games up and get guaranteed money.

if we can get an 8 man bracket im down for 2k2

I can confirm that we’ll have AT LEAST one copy of AH3, so the very first NC Arcana Heart 3 tournament is on.

Get hype for some RANDOM OFFENSE:


Damn wish I could have made it

Wow, what a great time. I was good to see you all and thanks for coming out. We are growing! Now we just need to get some of the out of city/heads to join us and we’ll have a huge thing going. Only a matter of time :wink:

I have to apologize for the owner of the venue. I am sorry he was being a dick. He was talking shit to different people for the tourney taking too long and that is unacceptable. We are looking into another venue but we may have to have it there again. I will keep everyone posted.

I will have the results posted up shortly.

Shout out to Shiki and Bradley for helping with the side tourney’s. You guy’s did freak’n awesome and look forward to using your help again. Thanks, couldn’t have done it without you’s guys.

Thanks again everyone and see you next month.

Thanks a lot Brian for the tournament. It was great. One of the most enjoyable tournaments that I have been to lately. Everyone there was friendly and hyped. I took a bunch of great photos and videos so I will be posting them up somewhere sometime. Don’t know yet. And congrats for the win. Holding a tourney just to take our money. lol.

Thanks again for having such a well ran tournament. If guys decide on having bi-weeklies there, you can bet Cola will be back. You guys from Charlotte and NC are pretty cool to hang out with.

yea that owner seem kinda salty and was saying some shit…i was like damn my $10 isnt enough for you to chill? But touney did start mad late though lol…think it started @ 4 or 5pm. Anyway good times good shit lets run it back.