Charlotte, NC. New Years Beat Down

Well, it looks like we will be in a new venue next time. Luise is talking to some ppl right now about their space. Keep you posted.

I am thinking about having the next one on the 26th of Feb. That gives everyone time to practice MvC3 and then we can have a tourney for it for like 5 bucks or something.

Glad you guys had fun and I look forward to taking your money, lol at SteeloYangster, funny shit man.

P$, that whole attitude thing is fucking his ass up. I don’t play that shit man. When we pay to use your venue then you wait till it’s done and don’t be giving people shit. I don’t stand for that shit so I told Luise that I didn’t want to do it here any more and he agreed. We don’t need that drama. Yeah it started late but shit, sometimes that happens. We were still out by 10-1030. Oh well, his loss. Turns out there are a lot of buildings in Charlotte with a lot of people that like to make money.

Good shit lets get it

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You guys don’t have anything to apologize to us for, the tournament ran great.
You guys ran SF4 singles and teams smoothly. It was our first time using tonamento, so that’s understandable. Having the tournament finish at 10:30 is actually on time. I’ve been to plenty of tournaments that finished 3-5 hours late.

Believe me, if I thought there was an issue, I would bring it up, but there’s nothing really to complain about.

He was just tired after a hard day of sitting around in his office smoking weed…

I went to reapers today to see if i could get some work done to my xbox, and in the owners defense he was pissed because people were trashing the place and going in rooms they werent supposed to go in. When i went in there were shoe marks all on the wall, and he said he had to clean up everyones trash they left from food laying all around and some spill marks on the floor.

He said he would love to have more tournaments at that venue and other than the issues mentioned he likes having big crowds. but he told me to let people know to just be mindful and don’t put your feet all on the wall and clean up your trash. I suggested he put signs on doors people aren’t allowed. Please don’t take whatever he said to you guys personal but I can understand where the guy is coming from. I like the venue and i think we should have tournaments. Not to mention its in a convenient location for SC to come up.

I appreciate the heads up on that but unfortunately what makes the difference is that if it happens once then it will happen again. I don’t want to be in an environment that is like that and I don’t want to put people in that either. There are other places that are close to there that we can do this at that will love to have the money. I have seen Will act like this before. This is how he is and it won’t change. There is more to the story than what I am indulging, lets put it that way. It’s all good though. I know it’s close to you but at least where ever we go it won’t be in another city.

Shiki: Yeah man, that’s what I was saying. Luise and I left last and that was at 10:30. That shit is not late. We did start late but that happens. Hell I’ve been to some where I left at 1am :frowning:

I can understand about being upset about the trash, but the point is he didn’t communicate any of this to me, Brian, Luis, or anyone.
He was just being salty as fuck and cussed at me simply because he had been there “13 fucking hours” and he wanted to go home. So from my perspective he was being a douchebag at getting out of there 10PM on the dot, which in my opinion, if he was so anal about finishing exactly on time, he should have been helping the rest of us actually running the tournament and setting up connections/tables instead of doing fuck-all, smoking in his office all day collecting venue fees.
Also, I cleaned up a little bit of drink cups left on the ground, but honestly for a tournament there was not much clutter left at all. Another problem is he had only one trashcan, at the back. I also didn’t see anybody with their feet on the walls or anything like that.
He also had an attitude with Brian even before the tournament started, so I don’t buy his story about being Mr. Sunshine until the “trashing” started.
That’s part of running a venue. If you don’t like it, don’t run it–or at least make the rules clear from the straight.

I mean, I’ve seen Lucky’s tournaments where people left all kinds of messes like complete assholes–far, far worse than I’m sure this douchebag’s ever seen. I mean that certainly doesn’t make it right, and Lucky certainly deserves props as the most chill and helpful venue promoter ever in NC, but there are ways to go about correcting the behavior.

(Side note–FUCK ANYBODY whoever left huge messes of food and shit at Lucky’s)

@The-priest: Thanks for considering SC, when it comes to the location of the venue. I really appreciate it. Personally, if the tournament organizers are having big issues with the venue owner than I can totally understand them wanting to find somewhere else to host tournaments. Charlotte is still very close to us and I don’t mind driving extra miles to play against you guys, if the venue is exceptional and the organizers aren’t having any problems.

@Tactikz: 2/26 will work for me because it’s the week after our next tournament on 2/19. I kinda felt there was some animosity beteween you and the owner, but I didn’t realize it was that bad. Maybe you can see if he’ll be willing lay more ground rules for conduct and even provide more trashcans for waste. I even have to admit that I couldn’t find a place to put my trash other than in my car or the back. Then again, you know him better than I do, so it’s your call.

rian what went down with y and the owner of the venue? I’m curious now

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Hey what?s up guys! It?s Luis from XsUndergrounD, just want to say what?s up and thank you for coming out. I haven’t had a chance to jump on the forums lately but I?m here now and I’m sorry for what happened between the owner and some of you guys, I sat down with him today and we came to a agreement that we do need to have rules put up for any future events at his venue and let you gamers know before the tournament starts. On my behalf I?ll like say THANK YOU! and next one is going to be at a different venue (not to far from Reapers) on February 26th/11 . Keep up the good fight!

Alright everyone. Here it is. It took me a little bit cause of the venue situation, waiting on people and shit, but here is the info on this months tourney…

Spread the word to your homies!

good shit meng!

But you guys from charlotte and columbia need to make it to Luckys NEXT week on the 19th!!!

Andre aka Twisted Jago and Nelson aka Remix from Empire Arcadia are coming down to NC! Also they will be arriving on friday and im opening my home for a casual session before the tourney to get some money matchs and what not with them…Lets get HYPED!