Charlotte, NC--Next Level at GameLAN'd Tourney Results:

Thanks to all who particpated…too tired now…need sleep…I’ll post my shout-out and thanks list later today…

Guilty Gear XX Slash:
1st–Beast of Fire
2nd–Cajunstrike (Alex Roski)
3rd–SieClayton (Lu)
4th–purifyweirdsoul (Brent)

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum:
1st–P-Soul (Phillip)
3rd–Sie Clayton
4th–Beast of Fire
5th–Return of Shiki

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike:
2nd–Evil Morrigan (Jose Hernandez)
3rd–Yeah Dood 120%
4th–jihad (Ali)
5th–Brandowned (Brandon)
7th–James Dostie
7th–Corkscrew Joe (Joey Pham)

King of Fighters XI:
5th–Beast of Fire

Capcom Vs. SNK 2:
1st–James Dostie <K-Blanka, Claw, Sagat, Cammy>
2nd–Peter <A-Sakura, Chang, Sagat, Bison>
3rd–Jion_Wansu (German) <K-Claw, Guile, Sim, Honda, Bison>

Street Fighter Alpha 3:
1st–Kevin Micheal (V-Ryu)
2nd–GiefRules (V-Zangief, V-Sodom)
3rd–Jeff Gordon (A-ChunLi, V-Sakura)
5th–Return of Shiki

Hyper Street Fighter 2:
1st–Jion_Wansu (WW Dhalsim, CE Claw)
2nd–GiefRules (ST Boxer, ST Claw, HF Ryu)
3rd–Kevin Micheal (HF Ryu, ST Ryu, ST Chun Li)
4th–Return of Shiki (ST Dee Jay)
5th–Elmo (ST Fei Long)
5th–Jeff Gordon

Super Smash Brothers Melee:
2nd–Peter Lee

Tekken 5:
1st–Da Wasian

I don’t seem to have the Marvel brackets with me…
If anyone from the Marvel tourney wants to post the results…

I know Isaac won Marvel. I have no idea about everyone else.

Nah, Isaac didnt win Marvel, I did…

You the high five guy…? :lol:

But yeah… GGs to everyone I played… I’ll be at the next one prolly too… Maybe I’ll be able to win a round in 3rd then :lol:

~Da Wasian

I had fun, gg’s to everyone I played.

[COLOR=“Pink”]That would be me buddy. Here’s one just for you:
Matter of fact…
:rofl: HI-V for every one:

But yeah, great matches to everyone that showed up. It was fun and cool meeting all of you. I look foward to battling with you all again in the near future to prove to all of you just how much I really do stink at this game. Crazy mad shout outs to [COLOR=“Yellow”]Nastradamus, CajunStrike, James, Ecko, German, Shiki, xYourMasterx and everyone else that I chilled/battled with. Hey Roski, I think our Ibuki-vs Makoto battle in the 3rd Strike tournament was the most intense set of them all. We were at each others throats in those matches, well played. You 120% deserve the Yeah Dood Great Games Seal of Approval®:
I’ll see you all at the next tournament… dood![/COLOR][/COLOR]

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Results

1st - Isaac Graham - Tyranidman
2nd - Shaun Banks - Evil Storm
3rd - George Alvarez - CubanGee
4th - Ecko
5th - Jose Hernandez - Evil Morrigan
5th - Brandon Swett - Brandowned

Also, there is no 6th place in a double elimination bracket. Two people tie for 5th and two for 7th if I’m correct. I’ll have to bring that tournament maker program on my flash drive for the next tournie or something. The 3S Grand Finals videos I recorded are just waiting for Google to “approve” them. I may upload the hi-res file to rapidshare or something if anyone is interested.

I’m interested in the 3S vids. Would definitely appreciate a link if you put them up someplace.

Cheers dude.

daaaaaaaang, I heard some people were giving power pats in my place. I shoulda came up there…

Yo, good matches everybody. I had a lot of fun at the tourney - real chill venue, and as Tony mentioned the AC was good. Sorry for arriving late (sleep in/accidentally cut my thumb combo of doom) and for holding shit up at the end with my nic habit. Thanks for getting us in those brackets yall. Tourneys all went pretty smooth with no real hiccups. Looking forward to the next one.

Congrats to everyone. Good fights in NGBC/Slash/KOFXI to Phil, Brent, Lu, Blake, KDX, Ali, Matt. Good fights in 3rd to Ali, James, Yeah Dood, Jose. Everybody brought it rough in 3rd Strike. I think all my sets went to the final match. Really wish I could’ve gotten to see some more of the later matches. Jose man…the rivalry continues - CLOSE finals. Yeah Dood does not suck at 3rd Strike…dood. =p Close as hell there too. I was seriously worried after the hotel session. Good shit to all.

Good to see everyone. See yall next time if not before. :tup: :karate:

Okay, Google still hasn’t approved the video of the grand finals yet. So I uploaded it to BigUpload for now. This is the hi-res 257 MB .wmv file.

good shit dude…3rd place awesome…for somebody who plays online all the time… i guess online or offline… dont really matter you still whooop ass DUDE…:lovin:

Well you were a little drunk and I was a walking zombie from lack of sleep so those hotel matches really didn’t count. :tup: But it was an awesome set we had in the tournament. That match went to the last round of the last set with like, one hit to decide the winner. I was defeated while going at it at 120% so I couldn’t imagine a better loss for me. I can’t wait to battle you again at the Durham tournament!

Hey thanks [COLOR=“Yellow”]Sandybags! Isn’t it funny how they say, I couldn’t last in offline matches or my style isn’t fit for “real players”? But oh well, I placed 3rd using a Mid-tier character while everyone I played used Top-tier characters. Well everyone except the Elena player. Cheers for being the oddball right? Getting 3rd isn’t bad at all considering I’m an “Xbl scrub”. :wasted: Hey wait what am I saying? :lol: I’m rubbish at this game… dood.[/COLOR]

shit 3rd place with low tiers…that’s even better, good shit…:wink:

You must be a helluva scrub to get 3rd in the tournament with Pink IBUKI! DOOOOD! Good shit man. I’m sure next time you’ll get Cajun…just gotta catch him when he’s not paying attention to the screen and it’s free wins. :lol:

DevilJin! My Ibuki rival! Sandybags! The illest Hugo on Xbl! Thanks fellas! But yeah, :sad: sadly, there was no pink Ibuki. The game didn’t have that color unlocked. There were barely any Team Pink All~Stars avalible for me. :rofl: This tournament was just scrubby ol’ Yeah Dood… dood.

DevilJin, Whatsup man. Is that what happened in VA? Yeah I’ll roll with that. :lol: :karate: Fighting your crazy ass Ibuki did help versus the dood. Maybe you guys can make it to the next one.

:rofl: If DevilJin and Yeah Dood 120% team up again, it’ll be total top-tier genocide. Team [COLOR=“Yellow”]NINJA PLEASE!!! will live again. DevilJin does all the work, I’m a horrible 3rd Strike player… dood![/COLOR]

Whatever happened to TEAM HOBO!?