Charlottesville, VA Presents SSFIV Omega Tournament 8/21/10 - Results & Postmortem

I can’t believe today is over. Despite the turnout being pretty lax, I think this is a big step for the Charlottesville scene. To say that Richmond and SoVA driving up is big is an understatement; the players who showed up allowed themselves to be accessible to a budding group of guys who are really trying to get better and make some noise in Virginia. Shoutouts especially to the SoVA gang. Thank you Sean Miyagi for the extra PS3, and for the whole group for making the three hour drive. Gunmowned doing work on those mods - make that fucking money, son! On behalf of all the guys here, I’d like to thank you all for the comp and camaraderie, guys. SSFIV went to Moose (Richmond), with Foomyjin (SoVA) and Robin (Richmond) taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. Congrats to them - it was a motherfucken treat to watch, learn from and play against them! Overall results should be up sometime soon…

As for my Charlottesville brothers, back to the lab - we got some work to do. Fucking DO WORK!

worst results ever…

You live up to your custom title. “scrub extraordinaire” - stay free brotha

wait i just heard, it’s all good.

sova’s scrubs shit on you fuckers?


gs I woulda won this one too.

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

Haha. We’ll post overall results soon, you’ll see how bad we were. I think I can speak for Charlottesville when I say we were more concerned with leveling up and getting to know regional heads. And you’re talking about a group of guys who haven’t really played seriously very long, and this is the first time we’ve seen different comp in a tournament setting. Overall, our guys were pretty happy about our matches and know moreso what we have to work on. No lie, keep shitting on us so we look much better when we body everyone later on, it’s great motivation. :tup:

Weeeeeeeell, if you guys were here. We’d like to see NoVA/MD show up next time - the more, the merrier. @Iconz - I still have to PM you about that other venue. Our guys are coming to your tourney this Saturday, for sure.

Gs for Foomy and moose for knocking me out of super. Stay free in HDR! Even though you don’t play.

Suprise of the day was me getting in the puzzle fighter zone and winning 11 of 13 games to close out the tourney. Ggs to everyone!

Good times as always. @Renegade- Whens your next tournament gonna be in Richmond? and you guys do casuals there on tuesdays and thursdays?

Hey! We had a fun tournament! sadly not as much as expected but there is always next month! We are also planning a major event in the future!

SSFIV Singles Bracket Link!
Side events and casuals was awesome!

still not using my handle in brackets…

Can we just call the next tournament “Scrubby Balrog Wars” (myself included)?

Such a 'Rog fest… seriously, what the hell?

My puzzle fighting dreams were crushed :frowning:

Seriously. If you guys wanna level up… Ditch the Balrog for awhile. He can be a crutch because he’s so easy mode.

And don’t go to freaking Rufus either.

Yeah… sorry about that. I was in the zone for a bit there. Great games, though, and I’d be glad to honor a rematch.

Might as well use Rufus and Balrog. Everything in SSF4 is a crutch as it is. Just do whatever wins.

Seemed like it was fun. Great work, gentlemen. Hope you guys throw another one in the future.

Gs everyone. The tournament, as usual, went super smooth and was a bunch of fun. It was nice to play more guys from richmond and SOVA.

ggs to Renegade and Foomy for the rose and vega experience. Learned some lessons and hope to get the rematches in the future. I’ll try to have some new technologies for the matchups.

Charlottesville: Please don’t mind Dsinnie.

I had a great time up there. That super cabinet is fucking dope, and I liked the venue. You certainly have lots of potential good players from your region. Keep at it, stay competitive, and start to travel! (Come to SOVA! :D)

DatNiceGuy: Damn you are one really nice guy, haha. Good games man. You’re welcome to come hang out down in SOVA, or hit me up on SRK or on Live whenever. AIM works too.
I never got a chance to meet Havitz… or maybe I did? Everyone introduced themselves as their real names haha. Good shit to the Balrog player Greg. Keep at it, just learn some matchup stuff and you’ll be on your way. Take notes from MOOOOOSE.
Moose: I’ll get ya next time. Good sets. maybe the upgraded punishment will put me over the top in that matchup next time :}

Maybe I’ll see some of you guys for our stream on Thursday. Finals of the TUSF, and we should be kicking off new ranbats here shortly. Get HYPE!

Full results of the SSF4 tournament:

  1. Billy “Moose” Hummel
  2. Matthew “Foomyjin” Kavalek
  3. Robin “Renegade” Palm
  4. Greg “Mole” Morris
  5. John “The Driver” Henry
  6. Lewis “Lewis”
  7. Patrick “Havitz” Powell
  8. Chris “K-Swizzle” Krietzman
  9. Andrew “Jinks” Stottlemyer
  10. Jamal Fowler
  11. Alec “To The Detail” Dawson
  12. Andrew Lane
  13. Matt “Gummowend” Gummo
  14. Steven “offdacharts” D.
  15. Ryan “Morieris” Bulaclac (sp?)
  16. Brandon Brown
  17. John Frank
  18. Ryan “Wood” Underwood

I’d like to echo datniceguy in saying a big thanks to everyone who came out to this! Only 19 showed for the event, but there were some very good matches and Foomi almost turned around a 2-0 deficit in the grand final to force another set, with Moose ultimately winning 3-2. Our budding community really loved having the SOVA and Richmond crew in town for some strong competition. We’re all trying to up our game and get better and it is always a great experience to play with people from out of town. I hope to see even more for next month’s tournament! C-Ville has really been stepping up it’s game (and going 4-5-6 against a field like this shows that) and you can bet we’re all going to be ready to rock next month!

@Foomi: Thanks for showing up with some of the SOVA crew man! It was great to meet you guys and we hope to see you at future events. I know for sure that a lot of our guys would love to travel down to SOVA for tournament play. We’ll be there soon enough. Havitz was the real big (tall) guy with the glasses and black t-shirt playing Balrog.

@WINBACK: We have a tournament every month! Look for our thread for next month’s tournament in the Tournaments & Events section of SRK for all the info. Also feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. I hope you come out!

We got a bunch of super cool pictures from the event as well. They’re currently being resized and touched up so they’re more internet friendly, and then they will be posted here for everyone to see the beatings!

haha yeah I was the guy with the VLX Stick… and the guy running side events!(Or lack there of…) Black shirt akuma thing on the back… we will be down in sova really soon… Glad you liked the cabinet I am thinking I’ll build a VLX cab next… What ever the store wants I guess!

GS all around VA I saw NOVA had a small turnout aswell… WE as a state need to REALLY work on getting 1 tournament a weekend…(That is on the tournament organizers communication… Myself and renegade always consult before we schedule… It’s just common courtesy FOR THE STATE as a whole.) lets keep at it and show the states we have some great players,venues and a great community.