Charlottesville, VA; The End Game Saturday Tournaments 9/19/2009


Sorry for the short notice guys, but tourney coming up this Saturday in Charlottesville, VA at the End Game on Rio Road down Route 29. Starts @ 2PM.

Games are…

  • SFIV ($10)
  • MvC2 ($5)
  • BlazBlue ($5)

…and I’m sure any other games might be up in the air. PM me or Havitz about any questions or directions. Hope to see you guys there!

722 Rio Rd W
Charlottesville, VA 22901-1454
(434) 973-2205
[Same shopping center as the Pizza Hut on the southbound side of Route 29.]


We might also be running some HD Remix if people are interested.


ZOMG! Yeah I did not really notice how close it is… We should try and get as many people out there as possible.


Bump! lets get a big turnout!


You put it on the same day as an Alexandria tournament, so the whole northern VA and some of south MD will be attending that…


I haven’t played in forever…

but I’ll go and get my ass rocked. Guess I gotta get my stick fixed tonight!


Sounds good man… I know quite a few people who are going actually see ya there Morieris!


im going to try and make it


You sir, BETTER!


Lets see a nice turn out!! enjoy some SF4!


ROFL I haven’t slept in 2 days but fuck it how can I not go?

I’m deffo interested in HDR


I’ll be there.



I’m heading there too.

Blazblue! MvC2 (maybe)


are you guys crazy? Mayweather fights tonight