Chars where you can choose your own style

I’ve been trying to find a main but not a main where the character has 1 or 2 sets of playstyles. what characters can have multiple styles and can make you unique in your own way, ( besides viper )?

Please help

You seem to be confusing gameplan with player style. The former is dictated by the character, while the latter depends entirely on you. If you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades that won’t limit you to a specific gameplan, I don’t see how you’d go wrong in picking Ryu.

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Yeah I picked up Ryu but he was too common, I want to play a character with good health and good options, I want to play a viable character but I also want to have my own unique style


hmm yeah i was considering that but i’d prefer non-charge characters… any ideas?

Juri can be played both defense- and offensively. So can Cody, Ryu, Gouken. Basically all charge characters can be played both ways too.
Pretty much every character can be played “uniquely” in that you focus more on pokes, more on certain specials, etc.
Where the heck are the different Viper playstyles? If I were to name one character that has 1 clearcut plan and can’t really steer from that, it would be Viper.

P.S. You’re not a snowflake, it doesn’t hurt if you play “like anyone else”. Really, it doesn’t.

lol true, trying to find a new main, not finding a fit atm

I think he wants to know which characters can do good and switch styles. I am a similar player in this aspect, as I like a jack of all trades to throw off bad match ups. Sadly, many characters ceased to have this option after Vanilla. The only ones that can do this anymore with real success are Akuma, Seth, and Viper (in order of versatility.) Akuma can do it all and has it all. Seth almost has it all in exchange for a command grab. Viper doesn’t so much have it all, but she neutralizes a lot of it. I would include Sagat too, but he’s such a shell of his former self when it comes to rush down…don’t really feel inclined to. You can play most characters with different styles (like Ryu or Rose for example) but these three are the only ones that actually remain competitive when you do.

Thank you ^ , I had Seth as my main for a while, it was fun and I loved it because I could do all the combos that Poongko can pull off, well except the 42 hit combo. He is good fun but when I started to play the better players ( B+ and A’s ). I got owned, not because I was doing very bad, but because as i soon as i whiffed something, the opponent would do a combo which would take away half or more of my life. So now I want to find a character which can do similar things to Seth, and has good health to prevent from that problem happening again…

It’s hard to say because characters which are like that in SFIV tend to have low health to compensate for it. If you want a command grab with a character that can get in, Yun and Yang can still do pretty good, but you have to learn footsies and need to figure out the new “times” for when to dive kick. Without the command grab, Viper, E. Ryu and Rose might be good choices. They can switch play styles on the fly but only Viper tends to be scary (and she doesn’t really switch play styles, but rather makes everyone play the game she wants to.)

Seth is still good, and the stun buff means you can usually eat the mistake now. But you have to learn how to block and Seth’s large hit box makes it difficult.

How about Dudley?

Dudley’s Partial charge, yea i’ve been considering viper , seeing that the cross up flame kicks are dangerous. I’ve done most of her trials and her big combos need a lot of thunder knuckle and ground pound cancelling. Requires alot of work,

lol no dudley’s charge move is pretty much useless imo so you can do fine without ever using it.

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Dudley, Akuma, Oni, Yang… or if your a sucker for punishment Guy.

But yeah dude, I’d say Dudley could be fun to learn, or Oni considering hes still kind of unknown and can sit back and zone or get right in your face :slight_smile:

what can dudley do aside from attempting to rushdown?

How has noone suggested Gen? He literally comes built with two styles!

That’s what I was thinking but if vipers cancelling is too much who’d touch gen?

You’ll see goes who can play a character in an unexpected way and do well but you need to be good with a character before that tends to happen, so either way will take time.

Personally, you feel like a god playing akuma when your comfortable with him but as was mentioned I’d go ONI of I were you. Still unknown to a lot of people and he’s incredibly rewarding to play

I am the alrighty Bison!

M. Bison can pretty easily go from offense to defense.

Other than that… Ryu is decent too, but he seems to be a bit better defensively… Ken is the same… better offensive, decent defensive.

I think Fei does both decently for someone with no projectile.

I honestly think Fei is kind of pigeonholed into a certain way of playing though. You have set combos that do good damage and its pointless to use others outside of being flashy. His Ultra setups are pretty much non existent meaning you regularly land it the exact same way every single fight (ShienK-fadc-chickenwing-partial ultra) or if your feeling ballsy Ultra 2… cough. I got bored playing as Fei, hes solid and fun for a while but his bnbs get very repetitive very quickly and his rushdown is hella boring for me personally.
He does have a command grab but its got such shitty startup its very rarely you’ll use it, although it also leads to huge damage. He has a fantastic DP which can be used from block, and once you get used to his Rekkas poking midscreen feels amazing. His pokes in general are top notch anyway, his cr.HP is godlike. I think I personally lack the “win at any cost” mentality and will only play characters I enjoy playing, heck I switched main AFTER Fei became a threat, I was playing as Fei when he was super shit teir in SSF2 and Vannila 4 :smiley:

Bison I find boring to play against but never really put in the time to learn how to play as him properly so I cant comment on that. Too much standing HK for me :stuck_out_tongue:
Ryu/Ken are honestly good options for what the OP is on about, Ken especially has a reputation for being scrubby and random but when played right is a blast to fight against.

I’ve never put in the time to learn him properly but he always comes across as a “thinking mans” character if that makes sense. He just seems like he could be fun to learn and I’ve never played 2 Dudleys who played alike… that either means I’ve never played any good Dudley players or he is flexible in how he is used?

I’m just waffling again though.

balrog - you can play turtle or balls to the wall aggressive. 2 totally opposite playstyles.

1 of them is looked down upon, but who gives a shit if you win.

you can also rely soley on normals or mainly use special moves, totally up to you.