Charting character attributes, need input for Yun

Any input on this thread would be appreciated:

Basically I’m looking to create a spread sheet that allows players to quickly compare different characters in several different areas, as it is now those areas are up for discussion but I have the following.

Health - Stamina and stun added together.
Reversal/ AAs/ Etc. - Mainly being how well a character deals with offensive pressure.
Zoning - Controlling the opponents positioning from mid to far.
Rush - closing the gap to deal damage.
Mix up - Varied options to deal damage. All distances are considered.
Damage potential - Not just having high damage combos but also how numerous the opportunities to use them.

My ratings for Yun:

Health - 2
Rev/AA - 5
Zoning - 3
Rush - 5
Mix up - 5
Damage pot - 4

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Wow, can Yun really AA that good? Dont know much about the character, but there are people who can do it better like Dhalsim…
A 3 would be more suitable.

Give zoning another point (or two) and take a point (or two) from reversal/AA. Yun has a ton of great pokes at his disposal, most of which can convert into a ton of damage with a super bar. As for reversals, his best non-EX reversal comes out in 8 frames, making it really easy to safe jump, not to mention he can’t FADC his reversals.

Also, it’s pretty silly to have reversals and anti-airs in the same category. Dhalsim has horrible answers to pressure but the best anti-airs in the game. Anti-airs would probably be better paired with zoning.

Light Upkicks > Genei Jin: Untechable knockdown, 500 damage, and carries the opponent to the corner.

Thanks for the input. I’ve done quite a bit of revising since posting this, Reversals and AAs have been split, and I’ve decided to rate for each Ultra.

My crap numbers, what do you think:

----------Yun U1/ Yun U2
Health -------- 2/ 2
Reversal – 3.5/ 3
AA ------------ 4/ 4
Zoning ----- 4.5/ 5
Rush --------- 5/ 5
Mix up ----- 4.5/ 4.5
Damage pot 4/ 4
Viability ---- 4.5/ 4.5

Damage potential should be higher with U1 than U2 since he can tack on roughly 60 more damage to his Genei Jin combos with it, and there are a few ways to combo into it with EX meter (or no meter in some character-specific instances). Health could use another half point, too. Average health in this game is in the 900 neighborhood with all of the low-health characters added, so I wouldn’t consider it “low”.

his reversal isnt that great, should def go down