Charting stats, need input on Elf

Just looking for input on this in general, and for each character specifically.

As stated I’d like to keep discussion for each character in the separate threads I am making in their respective sub forums, and input on the idea in general in the above thread.

Also as stated, despite discussion in this thread being open to anyone it would help me separate the wheat from the chaff if each forum could appoint someone who knows what the hell they are talking about to give me the numbers to plug into my spread sheet.

My garbage numbers for Elf:

Endurance - 2
Reversal ---- 2
AA ------------ 3
Zoning ------- 1
Rush --------- 3
Mix up -------- 4
Dmg pot ----- 3
Viability ------- 1

Endurance - 2
Reversal ---- 2
AA ------------ 3
Zoning ------- 1
Rush --------- 3
Mix up -------- 4
Dmg pot ----- 3
Viability ------- 1

Other than the Endurance these are little more than place holder numbers. Input greatly appreciated.

The end result of all of this will be a spreadsheet with pull down menus to compare up to three characters like so:

Uploaded with

how does one record and chart that which he who does not know they will be and/or baiting with/to play with…?

These things change. When Fuerte has meter his AA becomes fantastic with Both Ultras and EX Guacamole. Viability of Ultra usage also changes depending on matchup/air trajectory changes.

His Zoning is different from traditional as he CAN run away (especially with meter)

Reversals are again only really a option when he has meter. case in point Armor Cancel Ultra. wake up EX Run into RSF

Is your chart stuff really taking Meter use/availability into account?

It’s kinda tricky to chart him as Meterless Fuerte is totally different from Meter’d Fuerte. On Paper and logically Fuerte’s kinda ass.

The chart doesn’t take into account meter or no meter but the numbers I am provided should. That is to say the chart doesn’t quantify the difference in a character with and without EX stocked but the number should take it into consideration, as well as how well the character builds meter, how dependent the character is on meter for all uses not just the category in question.

And those variable: how quick meter can be built, dependency on meter, will have to be considered for ALL match ups.

It is an enormous amount to consider for each value, the numbers will never be 100% accurate, and people with different play styles might well disagree but the same can be said for tier lists, and for MU charts.

All in all I think it a worthy exercise and the end result will be a valuable tool for new and intermediate players.

You may find more useful insight in the “tutorial” videos I made or vids from various guys here whom are far superior to me (everyone, really).

I’ll warn you, damn well every fuerte player is different, compare Myself (turtle), to SpabRog (Run Stop Pressure forever).

Reversal 1
Armor Cancel Ultra. That’s really it.

Aa 3
Jump back lp and Lk
Ae2012 tortilla
Air throw
Ex run as pure defense
Ex Guacamole is the king of anti air
Both ultras
Armor cancel ultra2

Zoning 3
Balance of faults and strengths. If El Fuerte is allowed, he WILL run the clock on your ass. Far Mp/Hk, can keep players out, crlp can be annoying, run stops to scare. Run to run away, the only character with a controllable wall jump. tostada/ultra over a poorly placed fireball

Rush 3
Ex run can be used to get in (like running through Bison’s scissors kick and RSF-ing) Run stop pressure is execution heavy but an excellent way to deal damage, frustrate the opponent, and with good reads, predict when the opponent will mash a DP for you to REALLY hurt them. Or that one overhead when they rock downback.

Mixup 3
Mistake/shenanigan reliant. What should be his strong point, his Plethora of options, is but one bad guess away from losing the advantage he worked hard to get. Good tick throw though due to good crLP and great walk speed

Damage potential 2
Mixup/vortex is low damage, run stop pressure is risky. Despite its excellent damage, Openings for Run Stop Fierce are scarcer the higher in player skill we go.

Viability 2
How many tourneys has he won again?

Noob friendly/complexity
Are you a fighting game noob? Pick Ryu. La mascara de El Fuerte no es para usted, niño.

El Fuerte has it hard. Especially at the beginning. He’s very execution heavy and requires Zangief levels of patience. Thing is, unlike Zangief, your patience is usually rewarded with little damage and a knockdown. Compare Viper. A correct guess nets great damage and frightening stun. Compare Makoto, one choke-a-bitch and everyone’s scared. El Fuerte is much more about playing the opponent rather than the matchup. You must be able to Rsf in high level or you’ll make like me and go 0-2 at every tourney you go to.

You’re high damage opportunities, RSF, are scarce. You must be able to do it when the opportunity appears. Or you’ll deal crap damage and the opponent will know They have nothing to fear from you.