Chat about Kara throw



I am trying to understand the concept of what is a kara trow in term of frame but in fact I’m lost in a black hole…
Manage a kara throw is using all startup frame from a move instead of throw startup frame?
But hitting a same button near and close (in stand position) determinate your move and don’t use same startup frame.

Does it means a Kara Throw near and far use the same way and in fact ?.
For example a kara with using LP
-Close kara throw is 25 frames
-Far kara throw is 24 frames (same number than a normal throw)


Only the first frame of blanka’s moves are kara cancelable.

add one frame to throw startup.


I noticed stand lk can be too kara can cancelable, i accidently use it when i try to kara throw with lp.


It’s good to know i’ts add one frame to throw startup.
Thanks Veserius that’s explain why LP elec is perfect with kara throw with (LP~LK ) in blockstring.

With the other elec you must walk a little to lose your frames adv to throw.
The best should be using blockstring elect to switch between grap ,continious blockstring attack or bait a counter with a frame trap attack.
It gave me some ideas.
Let’s go to frame’s data if there are something to create a setup with fake overhead following by a throw

Like you said in previous message we can kara throw using other buttons (,,,st.lp) to change range (forward and backward)
lk kara throw is a way shorter than lp kara throw.
Maybe i’ts a clue for something ambigous…