Chatt-Town Beatdown [FREE Final Round Badge for SSF4] - Chattanooga, TN - 3/05/2011


La Quinta Inn
100 West 21st St
Chattanooga, TN 37408
(423) 265-3151

Registration starts at 9:00 AM, tournament starts at 11:00 AM.

Venue entry fee: $10
Spectator fee: $5

Venue fee will be 100% refunded if you bring a FULL setup (TV, Console, Game AND Cables)
If you bring only a system/game/cable OR a TV venue will be 50% refunded.

Venue fee all (or in part) to be refunded AFTER the tournament for which the setup was brought has CONCLUDED (or is no longer needed). If you leave before the end of the tournament you will not receive the venue fee back. Sorry to do this, but we want to prevent setups being unavailable because equipment donors would/could not stay for the duration.

TV: (lagless HD Monitor + HDMI cable) OR CRT TV
Console: (PS3 + Game + Composite cable)

Rules (All games)
[]NO turbo or macro functions will be allowed.
]Random Stage/Theme Select for all matches.
[]If a game has fewer than 8 participants, there will be a round robin rather than double elimination bracket.
]Payouts for each game are: 60/25/15

Special Prizes:
[*]Super Street Fighter IV 1st Place Winner: FREE Final Round Badge & Entry fee for SSF4. Winner must stay after Tournament is over to register online at for payment.
]If winner has already purchased a badge/registered for SSF4 (must show proof) then the amount paid for Final Round Badge + SSF4 registration ($40) will be reimbursed to the winner.[/LIST]

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - PS3 ($10)
Best 2/3 matches
Losers final - 3/5
Grand final - 5/7
*Winner keeps same team

Super Street Fighter IV - PS3 ($10)
Best 2/3 matches
Losers final - 3/5
Grand final - 5/7
*No button mapping (3P & 3K only)
*Winner Keeps same character but may change Ultra

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - PS3 ($10)
Best 2/3 matches
Losers final - 3/5
Grand final - 5/7
*Unlimited Characters & V-13 are banned.
*Button Mapping is allowed.

Melty Blood: Actress Again - PS2 ($10)
Best 2/3 matches
Losers final - 3/5
Grand final - 5/7
*Winner keeps same character and moon phase.
*Archetype: EARTH is banned.
*Button Mapping allowed.

Super Smash Bros: Brawl - Wii ($10)
Tournament legal (SSBB) - SmashWiki - The Super Smash Bros. wiki


If you’re certain you’ll be able to make it please post here so we can schedule the day’s games to go as smoothly as possible.

Also, note if you’ll be able to bring a setup and we’ll let you know if we’ll need it! At the bottom of this post is the list of tentative equipment donors.

Open: 1-2 PS3 consoles & SSF4/MVC3, one more PS3 & BBCS, 2 Wii & SSBB.
Closed: PS2 & MBAA.

Tentative Participants:

Jake the Snake
Dr. EEK!
Tech Romancer

Jake the Snake
Dr. EEK!


Tech Romancer


  • 6 HD Monitors
  • 3 CRT TVs
  • 3 PS3+SSF4/MVC3
  • 1 PS2+MBAA
    Tech Romancer:
  • 1 CRT TV
  • 1 PS2+MBAA
  • 1 HD Monitor
  • 1 PS3+BBCS
  • 1 PS3+SSF4
  • 1 PS3+MVC3
  • 1 HD Monitor
  • 1 PS3+SSF4/MVC3
  • 1 PS3+SSF4/MVC3


  • PS3: 8
  • SSF4: 6
  • MvC3: 6
  • BBCS: 1
  • PS2: 2
  • MBAA: 2
  • Wii: 0
  • SSBB: 0
  • HD Monitor: 8
  • CRT TV: 4


sign me up


Put me down for Melty and Marvel…oh wait that’s Marvel 3.

Okay, Melty then.

Tell me if Tekken 6 comes up; I suck balls at that game but I want to play anyways.

I’ll bring MBAA and my modded PS2. I can provide a Television too, if needed.


We’ve got MBAA covered, TR. We’ll need PS3’s more.

You’re welcome to bring it for casual play.


Cool then, I’ll just provide it for casuals.


You already know to sign me up for that Marvel 3, mang. And heck I’ll jump in some of that SSF4 as well, why not. (my results may possibly be improved over last tourneys) :confused:


BBCS tourney? Sounds interesting. I can’t commit to anything at the moment, but I’ll post up if I’m able to attend.

Also, for the BBCS tourney, it might be better to just put “All Unlimited characters banned” instead of only mentioning V-13 (since she’s just Lambda’s Unlimited form).


Isaac Nicholson
B’ham ,AL

No ah3?


We don’t know anybody here that plays AH3 yet, so we didn’t put it on the list of games.


Updates have been made to the tournament rules and the info on the FINAL ROUND BADGE for the SSF4 winner added!!


I am surprised to read the info that if you have preregistered for FR and win this tournament then you don’t get the free entry and badge. It goes to the next person? I was going to register Josh before the deadline on March 1st in order to get the badge for $30 instead of $40. I just assumed if you had already paid they would just refund your money or something. Oh well I am preregistering him anyway because there is never a guarantee of who will win in a tournament and if I wait then I will have to pay $10 more. You can add Joshua Spoon (Ragingraven) for SSFIV and MVC3. See you guys on the 5th.


I’m sorry, I missed your post!

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th-- thing I thought was edited out before I sent it to internalburn; that’s my mistake. You’re right, the 1st place winner shouldn’t be penalized for having already purchased his/her FR badge!

I’ll get him to update the first post soon: If winner has already purchased a badge/registered for SSF4 (must show proof) then the amount paid for Final Round Badge + SSF4 registration will be reimbursed to the winner.

On another note, we’ll have at least 6 Asus VH236H (EVO 2009) Monitors present for SSF4/MvC3 play.


That is very cool!! Thanks for fixing that. I think I told you that Josh can bring a setup didn’t I? If not he can bring an Asus monitor, ps3, MvC3 and SSFIV. He is also bringing a friend. Sign him up as Jake The Snake for MvC3 and SSFIV.


Absolutely, bring his setup we’ll need it!


Hey guys…sorry for the confusion. Kaz and I discussed the FR badge issue after the post was made and this does seem to be the most fair way to do things. Thanks to my homie Microbeast and his mom for helping us out.

And thanks to everyone who has pledged equipment for the upcoming tournament! Our goal is to get these brackets run through as quickly and smoothly as posible. We want this tournament to be successful and bring some hype back to Chattanooga!


If anyone is running late, needs directions or whatever…call me at 423/774-6021


You know ATL will be coming through bruh!!! Just make sure you let us run your brackets . . . . . .lol.


Only 3 more days to go!

Just a reminder: If you’ve already bought your FR14 Badge+SSF4 registration - bring proof of payment and you’ll be refunded the amount in cash if you win 1st in SSF4.

If you haven’t bought your badge yet, then at least go to - Home of the largest fighting game tournament in the Southeast! and register in advance so we can make paying for your badge/ssf4 entry go as quickly/smoothly as possible. Shinblanka has extended the online registration beyond the 1st, now online registration ends on the 8th.


My friend and I will be attending as well. I’m Telos and I’ll be playing MvC3; he’s The Kingslayer and he’ll be playing MvC3 and BlazBlue. Looking forward to it!