Cheap and Easy Combos

I am a Terry abuser. I always use a Power Wave Barrage to a Crack Shot or Burning Knuckle. What are your strategies?

Hop around like a little bitch, short but damn quick.

Sweep if you feel the opponent will try to punish you after a hop.

If you knock him down, corpse hop his ass a few times and keep sweeping.

Other than that, if you’re good enough to get in the guys face, try s. fp(2 hits) xx crackshoot

or even better, s. fp(2 hits) xx df fp xx crackshoot

And jump around with roundhouse.

C.Lk C.Lk C.lK XX Buster Wolf

(aginst Corners) Buster wolf LVL 2 or 3 then Burning Knuckles

(aginst corners) Bustler wolf LVL 2 then Bustler Wolf lvl1 !

I was under the impression that you can connect Jab Burn Knucko after any lvl Buster Wolf, from anywhere onscreen, cornered opponent or no.

You can on Xbox at least. I do it all the time. just make sure you don’t use the FP one. That has too much startup on it

You can if you time it right.

Yeah U can Lvl2 or Three and you Can replace it with a Crackshot or a S.HP

Jumping FK, HP (2hits), lvl 1 buster wolf, lvl 2 power geyser, Fierce Burn Knuckle

now is that …lvl 2 power geyserxxburn knuckle


…lvl 2 power geyser, burn knuckle???

You can do lvl 1 buster wolf, lvl 2 power geyser xx burn knuckle (Whiff) into Power dunk. Does good damage, timing is a bit tricky.

after the lvl 2 geyser you can go righ tinto the power dunk (cant remember which punch to use ) but mostly its safe to go with just the GRind Knuckle

I usually use a jumping HP, HP(2x), lvl 1 Buster Wolf, lvl 2 power geyser, MP burning knuckle, Hk power dunk. It pisses so many people off. I love that combo.

There is actually no point in doing a level 2 with Terry unless they are in the corner and you get both hits of the Power Geyser.

His level one geyser is more powerful and you get to save a level.

using an extra level just so you can land one Burn knuckle is a waste.

jump in Hp,Hp(2 hits) lvl1 buster wolf, lvl2 power geyser. hard to time tho. Maybe I can get a Hp burn knuckle after?

Sorry I’m new here. What does ‘xx’ and ‘whiff’ mean? is it delaying and canceling?

Need a lil help here…

I play K and luv to rushdown (Big Surprise!!!)
Anyway Im new wit Terry so I play C. lp, c. lk, c. lp, s. lk… But I never finish it off. I dont have super but when I do I shoot out the buster woof… But when I dont have the super, what could I do that would connect?

I think most of terry specials are quite slow to start. If you don’t have them off balance they can easily block, roll, JD or parry. Unlike the Shoto’s, they can link almost any strike into a hadoken or shoryuken.

A power wave will take too long, a burn knuckle may be o.k. Crack shoot is not garaunteed but it may confuse.

If you have the game at home just fool around with it. If the dummy goes back into normal stance after the C. lp, c. lk, c. lp, s. lk and before the special then it is not garaunteed.

If anyone can link terry’s supers from a jab I would love to know, maybe i’m just too slow.

your just too slow

try this one out

j. hp XX hp (two hits) XX offensive crouch hp, level 1 BW XX cr hp XX level 2 powwaa guyser (one hit) XX taunt XX power dunk

hella stylish and very useable in a real match

BTW this is corner only

and also the timing on the taunt cancel is hella tight took me a few trys before I got the timing down

why in the fuck would you do x2 -> c.lp -> stand lk XX whatever?

Like, why? Seriously.

Just mash on three times and do a standing lk. There is absolutely no benefit to that. Even if c.lp had more damage or stun, it’s infinitesimal and stun would be irrelevant because the last hit is stand lk. It just makes zero sense. None. And the range on the c.lp is not even longer either.

And you can easily get a super to combo from You can actually do a couple just so you have extra time to react.

Oh yeah, Drizzit that’s a pretty fucking pimp ass combo you got there. Props

Drizzit’s combo was taken out of Persona’s combo video. And it does not work on anyone. There are only a few characters that can be hit by all 3 hits of Terry’s chain.

And Terry does have a link. c.jab into OC Fierce. It is a one frame link though, so it is pretty hard to do anything with it. You can go for the counter hit which would make this much easier. But on counter hit, you might as well just go into the 2-hit close fierce.

He can also combo the c.fierce into c.forward. I’m not sure what the timing on this is, but it is pretty hard.

actually I caught that combo at the arcade^_^

a random terry player busted that shit out on a chang player

and yo mummy B thankx for the compliment

and also I missed ya at FR

I think I saw you out there but I wasnt sure if it was you cause brian (djb13) said you were from hawaii I thought you were hawaian^_^

were you the black dude that had the dope vice and was dropping R2 maki???

if so that was some good shit with vice and I think you woulda done ALOT better if you had dropped her as your R2 instead of maki