Cheap and Easy Combos

the fierce to forward isnt too tight

about like sakura’s hurricane to jab link

a lil practice and its down

but the Q of course WHY???

fierce super that shit for half the work and double the payout

you can fierce linked to forward to super but ONLY the level 3 just take the free damage and be done with it

Nah, I actually didn’t enter CvS2 at all, I was feeling really sick that day. Moreover I really like, stopped playing. I came there to get footage of all the games and make an FR7 DVD for Larry, but things fell through at the very last minute and stuff got all fucked up so it didn’t happen and I really didn’t have any other reason to stay.

I know what guy you are talking about though. He played Vice as an R2 because his Maki wasn’t solid enough to run as anchor. But then, I don’t know anybody’s whose is. It was nice to see another Maki player but I was honestly like not really impressed with his, no offense to the dude using her.

by the way, does anyone know which sprites that Terry can get all three fierce punch chain hits on? I’m assuming larger sprites but I don’t ever want to risk it so I just go for two.

Damn, you are the pimpness. Thanks for the info. More anti-Blanka shit.

I just found out that the 3 fp combo works on even more characters but they have to be crouching. Here are the ones who need to be crouching in order to connect all 3 hits.

(Crouching only)

All the shotos

And the characters that it doesnt work on period (standing/crouching)


Ill go ahead and post the others I had in my previous post.

These characters can be either standing or crouching with the exception of 1.

Iori (both)
Balrog (standing only)

I hope this will be very usefull to who ever reads it.:slight_smile:

Cut, paste, save, thanks man.

Great info, thanks.

No problem, just trying to help out fellow terry players:D .

very noice

I usually play N - groove, so I use my run to get close then I do a s. fpXX lk.crack shot or lp.or mp. burning knuckles or you can rising tackle if there in the corner, but if you have 3 supers stocked(N-groove)power up then run in s.fpXX lv.3 buster wolf then a lv.1 power geyser this also works on S-groove.My strategy is to put lots of pressure on with crack shots and L.kicks roll then throw or combo.N-GROOVE TERRY BABY!!!BTW can I get some info on avatars?

Rolling is BAD, dont rely on it man it will cause you more problems then anything else.

For avatars go to the image mishmash forums.

Try this combo when you are in a real match…actually it is a guard crush string that I invented.

c. lk, c.lp,, c.lp, c. mp, short kick crackshoot. Works on most big guys. You can also just do c. mp and short kick crackshoot and it’s pretty safe. If timed correctly, can’t be punished, except for the counters (Mp+Mk). I use all the time when playing against C-groovers mostly. K and P groovers have their tricks to parry those, but it’s a safe move.

Please Terry players, share some stuff on Terry vs Blanka…

I play C-groove. Punishing the ball is fucking hard, that’s for sure. How do you guys app[roach that beast?


Note: I can kick his ass when I am in A’groove, but not when I am in Cgroove.

Blanka is a pest, but he does have his weaknesses, but if you want to beat him with Terry I think it’s best to use a running groove because i used to use C,and I got owned by turtles and that damn ball, but then I switched to N-groove and that was the end of my problems with Blanka.After a ball you can run (just for a second)then sweep and I wouldnt’ worry about while rising moves because there aint’ much blanka can do about that, and I also wouldnt’ worry about much about pressure strings if I were you becuz’ you already seem to be pretty good at that.I hope that my advice can help.Good luck!

Ok I will post some random Terry vs Blanka stuff since I play Terry vs Blanka all the time.

-You can crossup HK on Blanka, do this to annoy him. After crossup, always do close s.hp, if they block, do oc.hp for more guard damage, if you hit continue the combo with burn knuckle/ super.
-Without run, you wont be punishing many blanka balls, so block/jd/parry. x 3or4 is good to annoy, if you combo them you can buster wolf at the end. beats blanka slide (blanka oc.hp). Use it, and combo it to buster wolf if you like.
-every time you use close s.hp cancel the second hit to oc.hp, either for more guard damage or for more hits and damage in your combo.
-When you are full screen away from blanka and you anticipate a fp blanka ball or lv 3 blanka ball super, jump back hk xx hp xx burn knuckle/buster wolf. This will usually crossup, so be prepared to do your motions backwards if you see the crossup.
-Annoy him with cr.lp/lk. Or c.fp since it beats so much shit, including blanka, charge back, forward kick, and other random stuff, I throw this out more than anything else, such a good poke/anti air.

Use this with your regular Terry strats to beat Blanka. Blanka is a beast though, so he can take you out with at any time. Don’t let it discourage you, just learn from your mistakes and change your game for the next match.

I will post more if I remember more shit.

To be honest sagat gives me more trouble than Blanka.Can any one give some advice on beating Sagat with Terry?:confused:

Thanks for the tips on Terry vs Blanka. I fight many Sagats with Terry. I tend to do good against Sagat. Against Sagat you can do the following guard crush strings;

c. lk, c.lp,, c.lp, c. mp, short kick crackshoot.

J. Jk, s. Hp, power wave (HP)

You can always do his cross up after knocking down with HK. Just dash foward X2 and you will be on the other side, then you can do whatever.

If far, throw some power waves. RC burning nuckles whenever Sagat does “tigers” or fireballs.

If he jumps, don’t damn wait for him to land, land a damn LV3 if you have it.

Abuse Terry’s s. lk, and s. mk

Abuse Terry’s c. Mp (if you hit once, you can hit another time for a 2 hit combo with no retalation)

RC Crackshoot (medium) are good for AA.

You want to be close to Sagat, not far. If you are far, he will destroy you most of the times.

Abuse the rising tackle (short kick). Roll + rising tackle is hella annoying.

Late wake ups are good also. You can land a rising tackle most of the times.

This is all I can remember. I’ll find more weak points for Sagat if you will.


Note: Keep those strategies coming.

Thanks for the advice I’ll try to put it to good use.Oh yeah against Blanka just try to keep the pressure on because if not you’ll just have to deal with more of that gay keep away shit and you or may not fight morrigans but if you do how do you deal with little floating BS, I try to rising tackle but I get hit while I’m trying to charge it.:slight_smile:

There are a lot of things you can do to fight Morrigan.

If you do c. moves, you will get hit a lot. Try to be on a standing position and becareful with the c. Hk (morrigan). RC short crackshoots are good AAs. Rolling a lot is not convenient if the Morrigan player is skilled. Abuse s. lk, s. medium punch, c. Hp. RC rising tackle (short) on wake ups are awesome. Abuse s. Mk too. Jumping with Hp is useful, but you might get damage too. Use guard crush strings written above. Use the cross up. Since that bitch is so fast, you can always abuse the low jump and c. lk X2-3 and buster wolf. Use the N pop trick whenever predictable (Morrigan’s move).

This is all I can remember. Not too many Morrigan players around here.


Thanks alot for the info.I’m sure it’s gonna help me alot.You keep on posting and I’ll keep reading.:slight_smile:

I have two Cvs2 videos with TErry stuff. I usually play C-groove and A-groove. If you wanna check my videos, go to download section!!! They are basic combo videos. I did those videos for the newbies and for my Mexican friends that are dreaming with participating at Evo sometime in the future. Check my videos if you want.




this struck me as hella unsafe

if you try to jump back after a super your gonna eat electricity it beats the for free without RC

if you have enough time to jump back then you have enough time to RC power dunk or just roll though its much safer