Cheap Arcade stick/Fightpad or PS4 controller. A specific player case

I have always wanted to play Fighting games and I have bought the ps4 recently so I will start my journey in FG with SFV in about a month. I am a totally 100% newbie to fighting games.

Giving the fact that Im planning to buy a TE arcade stick in about 9-12 months if I keep playing the game seriously…

a) I should buy a cheap and bad arcade stick (30-50€) (I get used to play in arcade sticks even if it sucks)
b) I should buy a fightpad for around (30-50€) (At least my right hand get used to playing in an arcade stick layout)
c) I should play with my ps4 controller (its free, but I have to learn the game in such a different way, muscle memory, etc)
d) Any other option you consider better :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Use whatever you’re comfortable with.

If you’re not sure if you’re going to even be playing SFV in a few months, I would just stick with the PS4 controller to see if you like the game. Then if you’re really into it, you can convert to fightpad or stick or whatever you want to try. I causally played with pad for 20 years and converted to stick in 2014. It took about a month to make the conversion, but now there is no turning back for me.

But controller type is just personal preference.

You won’t need a stick for SFV. There’s no plinking, no 1-frame link bnbs, no piano/slide motion characters, no high jump canceling, etc. like SF4 had. It’s a more realistic and accessible fighter for everyone. Everything is possible on pad this time around. I’d stick with PS4 controller for now and if you are not satisfied, get a stick down the line.

SFV is PS4 exclusive. Just stick with pad. It’s totally do-able on this game. Later on, if you think pad hurts your thumb, pick up a stick. When we’re talking fight sticks, you’re going to get what you pay for most of the time, so if you’re spending under $100, expect some flaws, and under $50 expect it to be garbage.

Thank you for all the answers!! You have helped me decide. I can save around 200€ for an arcade stick in 3-4 months so Ill start with the ps4 pad and if I continue playing seriously Ill switch to a madcatz tournament edition stick.