Cheap-ass stick vs gamepad


How bad are the cheap sticks, the really crappy ones I mean. Do they still give you better character controll then gamepads, or are you just better of playing with a gamepad if you’re not willing to pay 60+ Euro’s on a stick?

I’m asking because I want to try out actually playing fighting games somewhat seriously for a while to see how I like it, but I’m not willing to commit to a 60+ Euro investment for a stick at this time, even if they have great resale value.

My local gameshop has this 40 dollar one for half price. So yeah, it’s probaby one of the crappiest there is. I am willing to go for it though (and save up for a real one if I’m definitly going to be more serious about it) if it still actually DOES trump playing with a gamepad. Even if it barely(!) trumps a gamepad. However of course if it is actually worse then playing with a gamepad, I won’t.

So just to be clear, I’m not asking if the 20 bucks is worth the difference if there is any, I am asking IF there is any (difference in favor of the crappy stick that is).


Depends on which cheap stick we’re talking about.

Hori EX2/FS3 is acceptable. It’s a pain in the ass to mod or repair, and the buttons are a little gummy, but it’s still far better than this.

You should forget the idea that stick is always superior to pad, though. Pads, like all control schemes, have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some people will pick up a stick and instantly notice an improvement, others will blow the cash on one and realize they liked the pad better all along.


Thanx for your reply sleazoid.

No it’s the logic 3

Logic 3 Arcade Stick (PS2/PS3/PC): PC & Video Games

My own guess i that it’s not as bad as your example (which was awesome btw :)), but not as good as the cheap hori’s.

So do you mean that some people who are really seriously into these games still prefer gamepads (even over real quality sticks)?


I doubt your reaction to playing on a stick will be much different whether its that one or a better one. It’s always a hard transition. I’d try to find a friend or somewhere that might have one that you can try out. 30 EU is an expensive experiment.


There are quite a few notable top players that use gamepads. The three that come to my mind off the bat is Vangief, Shizza and Wolfkrone. Vangief and Shizza got top 8 in Evo last year and Wolfkrone won the online Evo about a month ago.


if you’re going to try out a joystick, try to get a decent one. People still do damage on pad.


Thanx all. I think I’m going to start playing on a pad first and find some place where I could test a stick for an afternoon or so. If that search fails I’ll go for that logic stick provided it’s still half price. If it isn’t anymore and I really want to check a stick I’ll go for Hori FS3 or something of the sort.

Thanx everyone


30 Pounds? I think you can probably get a Madcatz SE for around the same price. Yeah the imitation Sanwa parts aren’t that great but if you do decide to stay with stick you can upgrade the SE with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts. If you decide to go back to pad it won’t be that big of a loss.


Hmm, I’ll look a bit more into that madcatz SE

However the one I’m talking about is half priced at a local store. I can buy it for 20 Euro’s (15 pounds I guess?). The link to amazon was merely to show which one I was talking about.

Thanx for the advice though. That madcatz might sound interesting in terms of possible upgradability…


Here’s my 2 cents.

If you have the idea of enhancing your fighting gameplay more by purchasing a stick, you shouldn’t half-ass it. There’s nothing wrong with playing on a controller, but I think buying a cheap stick won’t really help you out much. You get what you pay for. Just keep saving up your money until you can afford a TE. Its a major investment, but in the end its worth it.

One of my college buddies was in the same situation as you. He wanted a cheap stick so he bought an SE. The first 2 days it worked great he said, but the third day he got some button stickage. Now I don’t know if all SE’s do that or if he just got a faulty one. I lent him my TE for a day and he fell in love with it; so much so that he traded in his SE for a TE. Its been about a month now and he’s had no problems.


The worst stick in the world is better than the best pad in the world.


I hate playing on shitty sticks.

A shitty stick is as bad as a pad for me.


I play equally proficient on both stick and pad. I’m more efficient on stick, but I can pull off more advanced things on a PS3 pad. Go figure.

A shitty stick is way worse than the best pad. At least with the pad you can guarantee longevity. As to the guy with the SE problem, just swap the parts out, and it’s just as good (or better IMO) as a TE. I like the portability (its way easier to bring to a buddy’s house than a giant TE). I can play more comfortably with a SE, and thats the main thing I’m going for. I have a TE just to put custom shit on it.


Considering the various postings, I’m considering the S.E. so I have the option to “upgrade” so to speak if necessarry.

Just one question about that. How difficult is “teching” with your stick. I read the sticky n00b thread in the tech talk thread, and I understand that the madcatz SE is easy to mod relative to other sticks. So while I understand that I wonder how difficult the modding is at all. Do you need to be very technical? Do you need bad-ass soldering skills? Can you completely F it up by making mistakes?

Thanx for all the advice btw y’all. It really helps/helped me in my choicemaking process.


You don’t even need to solder with the MadCatz line. Both sticks are really easy to mod compared to other sticks like the Hori FS3 (the more expensive ones don’t require soldering). Theres vids all over Youtube, and if you head over to the Tech Talk area, there’s a noobie guide specifically for your situation, and they can help you with any questions and problems that arise. The Tech Talk area is the best place on the net regarding fight sticks, and really almost anything technical. Dudes are amazing at their craft.

You can make your SE look cool with some stick art as well.


It is very hard to mess up. Doesn’t take teching… unless you consider the required use of a screw driver technical. No soldering required.


Easy as that. I’ve done it to my cousin’s SE. Its quite simple.


Get a TE