Cheap Button Covers

I’ve been looking around for substitute button plugs (they’re quite expensive for what they are) and eventually scored these:

I received these today, and can happily confirm they are almost 1:1 with my Sanwa OBSM-30s. They are slightly thicker, and have a marginally different texture, but for all intents and purposes are the same.

If anyone is interested in buying enough plugs for the next 10 arcade sticks they buy (20 plugs), for £4.50/$7 shipped, I highly recommend these. Postage from Hong Kong to UK took 6 days.

I gave a couple of these to gahrling (grappler scrub), so he may confirm my appraisal if needed.

Aaaaand ordered. They’re like $3 a piece at my local game centre. =\


You know what if they do the job they do the job.
Don’t knock it if they work.

Awesome, Let me know how you get on.