Cheap Component Video Cables

I recently bought some component cables for ps2 (multi-platform though) and I’m still waiting for them to ship. I’ve noticed that there are tons of brands that release the cables and I’m wondering if they are all comparable in quality, or do some brands simply make shitty cables? Honestly, is it possible to screw up component video? It seems the general consensus is that Monster Cables are the best, but does it really matter what brand you buy? Of course some brand names like MadKatz should be avoided, but even then, could they screw up video cables?

other than mosters, cables are usually just about the same. the better insulation the cable has, the less excess noise will get into the cable degrading the signal quality.

monsters are good if you have a tv that will actually get good use out of a nice set of cables. if you’re not running it on a high def tv, then it shouldn’t matter too much as far as i’m concerned

personally i stay away from the 3 in one cables… for ps2 i just buy the sony brand and same for other systems. ive seen that some are just not as good as others… like monster i bought for my ps2 colors seemed kinda pink… so i bought the sony one and man its great

I have no complaints with my 3-in-1 component or s-video cables, they work fine for me. But for the PS3, I just bought HDMI, so wooooooooo!