CHEAP Dreamcast Sticks, one custom, one Nubytech SF Anni (both SOLD, please close)

got two sticks up for grabs here. both for DC. $95 shipped for green one, $85 shipped for nubytech one. OBO.

both use iL sticks and happ competition buttons with official DC pcb’s. DC is not included.

green one is slightly used by myself, works great. buttons are actually ALL green, not white/green

nubytech stick is modded for use on the DC.

Buy from this guy with confidence. :tup:

Free bump!

Bump. Offers? Anybody? LOL.

green/white stick…sale pending AGAIN, i hope this one is a done deal. lol.

GREEN stick SOLD. give me an offer on the nubytech one, anything reasonable, i’d probably take it. just gotta get it out of my house, i got too many sticks laying around.

both are sold. :slight_smile: