Cheap[er] Mad Catz 360 fightpads

Check your local gamestop for used fightpads. They’re are only 20 dollars. 17ish with an edge card.

I dont know if it’s at my local one only, but I picked it up for the PCB. Just wanted to let people know, there are some alternatives.

Sorry if this has already been posted, but there you go.

I would love used controllers, but my gamestop doesn’t even carry 4716s. Have to order them by mail. Pay shipping, and also have hex inverters shipped :sad:

only the 4716s fightpads work or something?

I noticed a lot of those fightpads on amazon too. Are the PS3 ones wired as well? Do I need hex inverters for the shoulder buttons?

you might do that

Madcatz model 4716 ? Madcatz fightpad. They are two separate entities.

Shoulder buttons do not required to be inverted. Only on 4716s are hex inverters required.

PS3 fightpads are wireless, but require to be plugged into a USB port. It’s not like the SIXAXIS/DS3 that can sync with them.

these are still going for about $ 50 in korea =)

Im talking about used ones. I dont know if it’s local, like I stated. Just be persistent. Fightpads in my area are not being bought up. The norcal scene is not as big, but keep your eyes open.

SSF4 fightpads for PS3 are wireless. I would highly suggest getting a PS3 PCB like Cthulu, Dual Strike or ChImp instead.