Cheap fightstick (beginner)

My girl loves my fightstick (hehe). I want to get her a cheap one to start out, any quality ones that won’t break the bank? Thanks in advance.

I got my TE for 100 bucks at Gamestop (suburb area so I guess they were back-stocked when MvC2 came out online) been with me for about 2-3 years. But only about 1+ year of heavy use. Hori sticks and Madcatz non TE sticks will run you about 50+ check Amazon or Newegg.

I’ve been using the SF4 (non TE) stick for awhile, the one that was released when Vanilla came out. Works wonders. It has even endured several cups of coffee and other drinks that has been spilled on it.
However i have been customizing it to suit me better.
But the prize is good, atleast here in Sweden for that stick.

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