Cheap Fightsticks and Skullgirls


Hey guys,
So I very recently got into FGs, and I’m still in limbo as to what to play and what to do so I started off the basics. I, against the wishes of probably everyone on this website, bought a cheap $40 fightick off of Amazon. I know it probably wasn’t the right choice, but none of my friends own one for me to try out and I’m not willing to shell out upwards of $100 or more to buy one and potentially not use it. So here I am, trying a bunch of FGs, Tekken (which I’m okay at but prefer pad) Virtua Fighter (which has a steep learning curve and even though its a 3 button FG WOW) and recently, Skullgirls. Goddamn that game ripped me a new one. I can barely hit basic combos, I’m not even sure if my inputs aren’t registering cause my stick is so shitty or cause I just suck that hard! I really don’t know where to go from here. Any suggestions?


Not sure the $40 stick was worth the investment, what was it?

I bought a Qanba Q4 from New York on my travels recently, the inputs are super sharp although I still can’t get 2xHalf Circle ultras off yet. (My first stick)

SSF4AE might be worth picking up even though it seems to have a steep learning curve there are plenty of resources to help you along (as far as I know the PC version has a lot of people playing still, not sure what the console editions are like).

Don’t be discouraged though, nobody became godly within the space of a day, it’s all dedication, research and several hours of practice. Find yourself some consistent sparring partners who can give you reasonable feedback on how you play and the likes.


^^ what he said.

if your not sure if the stick is working properly go into training mode and turn the input display on. Every time you drop a combo check the input display to see if it the input registered correctly. if there are no problems with the stick then its something your doing wrong (pressing the buttons too early or too late etc)learning combos takes time, just keep practicing.