Cheap graphic design


Hey guys. I’m new to Shoryuken, Street Fighter, and really fighting games in general and really want to get into it because it looks fun…problem is, I have no cash and am too young to have an actual job to make money, at least steadily anyway. The only thing I can really think of is my skills with graphic design and moderate web design and since I’m trying to earn money for fighting game related stuff (SSFIV and a possibly fightstick/fightpad specifically), I thought I’d post my little advertisement here on Shoryuken. If you have a couple bucks and a need/want for graphics, I’m available for about 60% of the day and can get work done in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality. Thanks for reading this text commercial and I hope to do some business with you later. (Side note: I specialize in banner-type things but I can do web layouts, icons, logos, signatures, and almost anything you need)


Post samples so we can make fun of it…


lol kay, These are a few of the most recent things I’ve done that are actually documented. They’re banners, I don’t have much of anything that I saved.
Got bored and made this to test a new effect I learned:

These were for forums:

I think I’ve picspammed enough, also that is a certain style that I do but I’m flexible.


3 things.

  1. Anything related to art goes in the Image forums.
  2. You need 6 months and 50 posts to sell anything
  3. You aren’t allowed to sell anything which uses copyrighted art.